How to Pack the Perfect Toiletry Bag for Your Next Cruise

Don't forget these cruise essentials at home. - Photo by Kristi Drago-Price

We put together the ultimate kit for your next cruise. Lighten your load with these travel-size beauty essentials, and have the smoothest security check-in ever: 

clear bag toiletries cruise beach essentials

Photo by Clear Bag System

A Clear Bag

Put products in here, and no one will have to rummage through your luggage because of a suspicious-looking container. Fill the plastic vessels (each has a 1- to 1.75-ounce capacity) with the items you can’t live without, or replace them with an assortment of ready-to-pack minis from our suggestions below. Classic Clear Bag System, $30,

lush solid shampoo cruise beach bag

Photo by Lush

Shampoo & Conditioning Bar

Here’s what happens when you wet your hair and rub this nut oil and shea butter-infused bar over your scalp for a few seconds: It forms a rich lather that legitimately cleanses and detangles, leaving your hair soft, glossy, and smelling like jasmine. We were skeptical; now we’re addicted. Lush Godiva Cleansing and Conditioning Bar $11.95,

mistral soap cruise ship beach bag

Photo by Mistral Soap


A long-lasting bar of fairy-sized, French-milled soap eliminates the need to pack a separate facial cleanser and body wash. Get all six gorgeous scents — reserve a couple of favorites and give the rest as gifts. Mistral Petit French Soap, $3.50,

brookstone tooth brushes cruise beach bag

Photo by Brookstone

Electric Toothbrush

With no bulky charging stations or unwieldy cords, this little gadget — about as long as a tube of mascara — is great on the go. It weighs just 2 ounces and is powered by a AAA battery for deep cleaning. Pair with the travel-size paste of your choice. Violight Slim Sonic Travel Toothbrush, $15.99,

sunscreen kiehls cruise beach bag essentials

Photo by Dermalogica


Formulated with green tea and grape seed extracts, plus vitamins C and E, this fragrance-free skincare essential from a line that beauty editors love pulls double duty as a sunscreen for face and body. Think of it as potent protection in a pocket-size bottle. Dermalogica Solar Defense Booster SPF 50, $48,

lavanila deodorant cruise ship beach bag

Photo by Lavanila


It’s all-natural, aluminum-free, and comes in two scents — vanilla grapefruit and pure vanilla — that blow the drugstore options out of the water. At about 2 inches tall, it’s tiny, but one stick will last you months — and that’s with daily use. Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Mini Deodorant, $8,

lotion travel beauty cruise beach toiletries

Photo by Travel Beauty

Body Lotion

Great for hands and body, this made-in-France moisturizer features fresh lavender as the base of its fragrance; hints of rosemary, eucalyptus, and citrus transform it into a scent that’s somehow invigorating and soothing at the same time. Compagnie De Provence Olive and Lavender Body Milk, $5.50,

facial wipes cruise beach bag

Photo by Travel Beauty


These can easily take the place of a makeup remover, or even a face wash. Neatly housed in a flat, compact pack, they’re also perfect for freshening up after a workout in the ship’s gym or a long day at the pool. Yes to Cucumbers On-the-Go Facial Towelettes, $4 for a pack of 10,

diva razor cruise beach bag toiletries

Photo by Shavemate Razors

Razor & Shaving Cream

With six blades, a glide strip infused with chamomile and aloe, and a handle that dispenses a secret stash of (pink!) shaving cream, this space-saving razor delivers super smooth results. It’s disposable, but one lasts for seven days or more, making it perfect for that weeklong cruise. Shavemate Diva, $11.98 for 3,

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