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I have cruised on over 20 cruises aboard Carnival, Royal Carribean, and Norweigen. I love Carnival over the other two and must say never have had many dissapointments ;however, if you are dissappointed with a cruise thats your fault. My first cruise was 1986 on Carnivals original ship.

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Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze

Sail date: June 16, 2013

This ship is fabulous in every way !!

I am shocked the average rating on this ship is not 4.5 to 5 stars. Everything was great on our June cruise for 6 days. This ship is outstanding in every way. Entertainment was great. If you drink alcohol on a cruise find your favorite bar and befriend a bartender. Give him or her several 5 dollar  tips the first and second day and you will get outstanding service your whole cruise just make sure you know his/her name and they know yours. We recommend a pitcher of alcohol on the Breeze, they are like 18 dollars I think and 2 of them got me and my wife snockered each night. At times there are some long food lines and they get discouraging, but if you dont say hello to the person next to you then you are missing out cause they are also on vacation and if your attitude isnt happy then why are you even on the ship?? We laugh, cut up full time and smile always on any cruise we go on. If you are a crab apple then go sit in your chair in the shade and complain and talk yourself into a bad cruise. Every server and entertainer are there to please you the cruiser and if you dont like the entertainer tell the bartender and make a note of it in the comment card. We had a blast with Scott playing acoustic guitar in the red frog rum bar and the piano bar was also an absolute blast. The punchliner comedy was great also and the karoke was hillarious as well as entertaining. Only problem is we think this is perhaps Carnivals best ship and if its your first cruise you might be spoiled and jumping on the fantasy or sensation will be a step down ,but remember our rules !!! Its vacation, turn off the phone, throw the keys in the closet smile and have fun !!

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Carnival Breeze

Carnival Breeze

cloud 9 spa mineral pool was extra but is what sooooo relaxing and the steam rooms were great. Dont miss the BBQ by the sea, the rocking chairs outside the red frog rum bar. get a pitcher of some sort of frozen drink at the red frog rum bar. If you like movies dont miss a dive in movie at the pool.

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