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Grandeur of the Seas

Grandeur of the Seas

Sail date: May 05, 2018

Great Trip Except for Weather

This was a great cruise for the most part. Weather was about the only issue we had and no one can control that. We hit VERY bad weather on the way out on Sunday (1st full day). We were very sick on Sunday even with patches and Sea Bands. There were many people sick, including some crew members. The rough seas lasted all day Sunday and all the outside decks were closed due to the weather. Coming back, we hit another storm on Wednesday morning, but it cleared off in the afternoon. Then total fog Wednesday evening. So we didn't get to see much coming and going to Bermuda, but the weather was nearly perfect while in port. Horseshoe Bay Beach is a must see and we also enjoyed our visit to the BAMZ - The Bermuda Aquarium and Zoo. We did have an issue the first night with our Main Dining Room table. We stood in line for 15 mins and were told to go to the other door. Stood in line for 15 mins and were told to go up to the Maitre d on the 5th deck. Stood in line for another 15 mins (45 mins total by this time). Even though we signed up for 5:30 dining and our SeaPass said 5:30 Dining, the computer has us as My Time Dining. Several people behind us in line were having the same issue. The Maitre d seated us and 4 other couples/traveling companions at the same table and designated the table for all of us for 5:30 dining the remainder of the trip. Our Cabin Stewart, Rami (sp?) did an awesome job of keeping our cabin in tip top shape. Kim and Shereen, our waiters in the Main Dining Room, also did an awesome job. My friend was too sick to go to dinner on Sunday evening and as soon as I walked in without her (only our 2nd night aboard), Kim immediately asked where she was. When I told Kim my friend was seasick, she said she would have a special plate prepared for her when I was ready to go back to the cabin. The food worked wonders. The next night, Kim immediately asked my friend if she was feeling better. Shereen attended to our every need as well. The food on Grandeur is out of this world. Mike, the Cruise Director, is hysterical - especially his impressions of Capt. Thor. The Cruise Director staff worked very hard the entire cruise (did they ever sleep?), as did everyone on the entire crew.

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King's Wharf, Bermuda

Great place to visit. Just wished we have more time than a few hours on the 1st day and 1/2 day on the 2nd day. Need more time in port. Almost everything closes up at 5pm in Bermuda, except for bars and restaurants.

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