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Anthem of the Seas

September 2016 - 5 Night Bermuda (Cape Liberty Roundtrip) Cruise on Anthem of the Seas

Cruise on Anthem of the Seas thru Hurricane Hermine

The ship was very nice kept very clean at all times of the day, that was the positive part of our 25th. wedding anniversary cruise. The Thursday prior to our cruise 9/1/16 my wife called Royal Caribbean because Hurricane Hermine was lurking in the southeastern part of the country moving north, she asked if the cruise was still sailing with the hurricane causing flooding and other issues down south. Royal Caribbean assured that customers would be notified if there was a change on schedule. We did not hear anything from RC, so we drove to NJ for the cruise and were welcomed. After boarding and going to our stateroom, we went to have lunch. Sometime before 2pm Saturday, the captain came on the pa system to tell the crew that we will be experiencing some rocking and rolling for 3-5 hours. Our dream 25th. anniversary cruise was about to change dramatically. By the afternoon Saturday the winds were in excess of 50 knots and the sea state picked up and by early evening into Sunday we were in over 90 knot winds and 25-30 foot seas, my wife became ill after taking all precautions, this continued all day Sunday, the weather decks were closed and all ship board activities cancelled with not much to do other than go to eat/drink or go to your state room and watch on demand videos. While at Windjammers marketplace, trays, silverware, chairs along with other things were crashing onto the floors, not to mention a bucket of water with bleach in it, rolled and crashed into my wife's seat where she was trying to keep down some tea. Thou the crew did offer to have her laundry done for her. Our 25th. anniversary had turned into a nightmare, until finally pulling into the shipping channel Monday morning prior to arriving in Bermuda, where our excursion for snorkeling was cancelled and rescheduled for Tuesday afternoon, adding another disappointment yet again. We finally did the snorkeling Tuesday afternoon which was cut short from 3 hrs. to 1 and 1/2hrs. due to our departure Tuesday at 4pm.

Upon returning home on 9/8/16 I rested for a day and on Saturday 9/10/16 I looked into contacting BJ's Travel to tell them of our disappointing cruise. I looked on BJ Travel website, called the customer service number where I was prompted to either 1) existing reservations or 2) new reservations. I ran out of options for contacting BJ Travel, so I went to BJ's customer service site where I typed up a email and asked for them to forward it on to BJ Travel, and the rep forwarded my information on which included my name, address, home and cell numbers. The email was forwarded to BJ Travel and I received a call from a lady on Tuesday 9/13 which went to voicemail because I did not have my cell phone with me and the voicemail message was garbled and I could not hear the persons name or phone extension number. I then called the number from which the call came from and left a voicemail stating how I received a call from someone but regarding our situation and left my name, cell & home number. I then received another call on Thursday 9/15 and I was sleeping but answered the call and the lady said she would call me back tomorrow, Friday 9/16 when she got in at 11am. I waited for the call and heard nothing, until Monday 9/19 when I again received a call and I again was reclining because of chronic back pain, Sandy left a voicemail apologizing, she had a family emergency and said she would be in the office until 7pm. I called back at 635pm and it went to voicemail, I left my name and both phone numbers for her to call me back. It is now Friday 9/23/16 and I never heard from BJ Travel again. Making this overall experience a total nightmare!

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