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Carnival Conquest

February 2016 - Carnival Conquest to Caribbean - Western

Balcony wheelchair accessible room poorly structured

The location of the handicapped assisted cabins. I have taken in excess of 10+ cruises. This was my 3rd with Carnival. We were in cabin 6207. It is located in the far front of the ship. The location was extremely hard to access as it was very far from the elevators. Two nights, I simply didn't leave the cabin as the long walk to the elevator was too daunting of an idea after walking up and down the corridor multiple times that day to access the cabin. The room was also very very unstable when moving due to the location. There was a lot of rocking etc. Who thought it best to place the ships most unstable passengers in the most unstable area on the entire ship? The shower has grab bars but the room itself does not. Thus it was very difficult and downright scary to move about within the room at times. 



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Carnival Breeze

November 2013 - Carnival Breeze to Caribbean

Customer service was GREAT!!!! Entertainment was mediocre

What Carnival does well, they do extremely well. They set the standard for certain things.

1- Food options- great choices daily without having to get gauged for additional monies. Guys burger joint was simply wonderful. Not the mystery meat burgers served on NCL and not additional $$ as on RCC.

2- Your time dining went off without a hitch and they do not require the pre-paid gratuities before cruising to choose this option.

3- Customer service was exceptional on every level.

4- The Cucina italian restaurant was awesome and they only charge 12.00 per person!!!!! The food here is absolutely amazing!

5- I love the seaside theatre as well


What can use improvement:

1- The entertainment was extremely weak on all levels! Entertainment after 8 pm minus well not exist. They offer some bogus  song and dance sessions that thet could have omitted altogether and no one would have noticed. 

2- They offer comedy shows every other night with the same comics and they are truly not that great. 


Overall, if you are young ( I am 45) and your idea of a good time is eat, drink and be merry, then Carnival is the perfect cruiseline for you. If you desire quality entertainment and exceptional quality food than you may have to re-think this choice. That said, the price is right so if you simply want to get away and dont mind geting in bed at 9pm (if you dont hang out in clubs/bars) than truly you will not be disappointed on any level.

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Norwegian Sky

September 2013 - Norwegian Sky to Caribbean - Bahamas

Majesty of the Seas

September 2013 - Majesty of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Norwegian Dawn

March 2013 - Norwegian Dawn to Caribbean - Western

Dawn--Horrible honeymoon experience!!!!

This was my honeymoon and it was horrible!!! I was reduced to tears on more than once due to 1- The terrible food (fake eggs served in main dining rooms, low quality food (slop) served daily. Nothing cooked to order unless you are in a specialty restaurant. Everything from foods to desserts were store bought/canned or previously frozen. Hamb/hot dogs served EVERYDAY for lunch. One day during the afternoon it was Mexican cuisine day in the buffet. It has pork in beans, red beans and black beans all served seperately on the buffet. That evening in the Venetian restaurant, they combined all 3 of these items into one pot and served it as a side item with the pork chops. This totally took the cake and again i was in tears being kept hostage on a boat in the middle of the sea and being served TRASH. 2- The service was horrible as in the dining rooms, you must wait and seek out servers. 3- The public bathrooms were disgusting and poorly maintained. Loads of water on the floors at all times. The smell of sewage was always present. 4- The tables in the pool area were never cleaned/readied as trash/leftover foods stayed on the tables for hours at a time without clearing. 5- At the very end of the cruise, we met Chef Brown in the specialty restaurant Le Bistro who I told my plight to. He is a great CHEF (most likely the only real chef onboard). He prepared a special meal for my new husband and I both Friday and Saturday nights. These were most likely the best meals we had on or off the ship in awhile. Yes, we paid the 20.00 per person fees but it was well worth every dime. 6- The maitre d explained they only serve real eggs on request on the entire ship!!! Otherwise the fake eggs is Norwegians standard practice for everyone. When at the egg station at the buffet, the "chef" making the omelettes had to call over a co-worker EVERYDAY when asked for fresh eggs instead of the egg substitute product. WHAT??? A 'chef' cannot crack eggs??? 7- I had another Norwegian cruise already booked for 9/6/13 on the Sun. I was so dissapointed and outraged at the overall conditions that I spent over 45.00 while onboard to call and cancel that upcoming reservation. I NEVER desire to have another norwegian experience again!!!!! To add insult to injury, I lost the insurance money as well as a 100.00 cancellation fee for the cancellation of the September cruise...I am still fuming!!

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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Dawn cruise review - Dawn--Horrible honeymoon experience!!!!

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Dawn cruise review - Dawn--Horrible honeymoon experience!!!!

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received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Dawn cruise review - Dawn--Horrible honeymoon experience!!!!

received a helpful vote on their Norwegian Dawn cruise review - Dawn--Horrible honeymoon experience!!!!

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