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April 2016 - Carnival Imagination to Mexico

The worst cruise I've ever been on

I've been on over a dozen cruises and have experienced some short stints of choppy seas but on this trip the turbulence and violent rocking of the boat for 2 whole days was unbearable. I know the sea and weather cannot be controlled but I find it hard to believe that the ship cannot be navigated to better waters. A plane may gain altitude or change course to escape turbulence but in this case everyone had to suffer. The stateroom halls were strewn with sand on the floor to cover up all the vomit. Carnival made a killing on Dramamine I'm sure.  I never get sea sick but even I was taken down this time.  Again I'm no expert and maybe there was absolutely nothing that could be done by the Carnival captain.

     However, something could have been definitely done about some of the unruly guests surrounding our staterooms: (We were celebrating my mothers 70th birthday so my family and I occupied 6 staterooms on the Empress deck).  Despite many complaints to the customer relations desk, nightly calls to security at 3am, and pleas to move our cabins, hardly anything effective was done. For almost the entirety of the cruise multiple occupants were drunk, fighting and yelling in the hallways.  I don't want to post the countless obscenities that were heard by my family and my infant whom was awoken 3 nights in a row.  Now security did show up immediately a few times but I believe they are powerless. I was pleased that they did attempt to confine one belligerent drunk passenger to his stateroom but that was a temporary fix at best.  This person was inebriated even at 7am when he fell on me wreaking of alcohol.  He grabbed my father a couple of times in the hallway explaining that his wife was a fat *****. She called for security fearing for her life and was moved to another cabin during the trip but returned later for more punishment and outbursts.

   Anyway, I hate to single out Carnival in this case but I planned this family reunion birthday trip for a long time which required most of my relatives to fly in from New York and I wanted it to be special and memorable.  I ended up being humiliated for subjecting my family to such a bad experience and now it will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. 

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Carnival Imagination Carnival Imagination - If it's your first cruise and have a bad experience don't give up on cruising. I've been on many and this is the first atrocious experience I've had.

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