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Norwegian Pearl

March 2015 - Norwegian Pearl to Caribbean - Eastern

Norwegian Sliding

Our entire experience with Norwegian and this particular cruise started out very poorly. We originally booked this cruise for February 6 2015. About a week later we received an email telling us our trip had been cancelled and the ship had been reserved for two months by a private party. They told us we had a couple of options: we could sail at a later date and they would guarantee the price and they would give us an $50 on board credit (which was included with the original booking) or we could change to a different Norwegian cruise and they would price it to the price at the time we originally booked. Nothing was ever said about a complete refund and we could then switch to a competitor. I would also note that we were to receive a discount book to be used on board. We NEVER received this item! We boarded the ship in Miami on March 6 for a ten night cruise. We had sailed on this ship (The Norwegian Pearl)  seven years ago  and had a great experience at that time. I would note that the service has gone down as we could rarely see our cabin attendant and our friends traveling with us did not get their cabin made up on two occasions. After they complained they received a bowl of chocolate strawberries. In addition, their room was always the last one done. I noticed that there was dirt in the corners of our cabin and the carpet was faded. There was dirt, paper and other debris in the scuppers (drain channel) on our balcony as well as quite a bit of rust that needed addressing. There is now a plethora of specialty restaurants on the ship that charge additional fees. Such was not the case 7 years ago. I believe the result of this is a decline in the food quality in the main dining room. Formerly, staff would circulate continually offering additional rolls and bread as well as coffee. Not so any longer! If you ask and are willing to wait you may get what you asked for.

We are Latitudes members, Silver level just shy of Gold level and at this point we are doubtful of ever achieving this level. We recommend this cruise on the basis of the itinerary but would note there are several cruises and cruise lines we recommend above Norwegian such as Celebrity and Holland American. The Cruise on Celebrity  or Royal Caribbean out of San Juan are both great. My favorite ship (until something better comes along) Is the Adventure of the Sea. But, then I have not been on that ship for 6 years and it may have slipped as well.


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Carnival Sensation

February 2013 - Carnival Sensation to Caribbean - Bahamas

Short cruise holiday

The ship was a pleasent suprise. Very colorful and in good condition thus belies her age, The entertainment was not my style as the dancers liked to show off their bottoms. The male dancers did a number that depicted homosexual activity. The singers were not to bad but they were loud! The crew in the buffet was not punctual about clearing off the tables and the breakfasts were bland and lacked variety. Tye dining room was good with the best part being desert especially the Warm Chocolate Melting Cake! I recommend this cruise if you are on a limited budget and time.

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Norwegian Epic

January 2013 - Norwegian Epic to Caribbean - Eastern

Caribbean Cruise?

This ship has some glaring weaknesses. It is a long (1086 feet) ship but there are elevators only near each end of the ship. There are no elevators in the center portion of the ship. This means you will get a lot of exercising as you go anywhere on the ship. Our cabin was midship. this meant if we were going to any activity that was also midship you had to walk to the forward or aft elevators and then back to where the activity was. Anyone that was handicapped was presented with this daunting obsticle. There were also no center stairway which meant you could not walk up or down either. Since this ship can haul 4000+ passengers at embarkation and debarkation you spend a great deal of time waiting for an elevator also sea days when everyone is on board. As another comment noted if you want a balcony cabin get a 10 or higher as deck 8 and 9 jutt out further than those above, which means you have no balcony above yours. This allows those above to look down on you, thus no privacy on your balcony. You also get debris thrown down on you from the balconies above. This was especially bad in Nassau when those above started to throw bread to the gulls. You get the bread debris and also wht comes out of the South end of a North flying gull! YUCH! And the extra charges! They charge extra for some of the entertainment, specialty resturants. and just about anything else they can think of! The cabins are small and lack an independant bathroom. The toilet is in a seperate alcove with a glass door enclosure the same for the shower and this design offers no privacy. One wall is curved, kind of an S shape but this actually reduces effective space and results in a short bed where in most cases your feet will be hanging over the end. The TV is located in such a way as you can only view it from the pillow or away end of the bed. Very akward! The room stewards need to get and use crevice tools on the vacuum as the corners were not clean! The food was slightly better than average with a good vararity in the buffet. The main dinning room did not score as well. The meats were poorly done and tasteless. We followed this cruise on an Carnival cruise and the food was just the opposite. The Blue Man Groupe was excellent but the rest of the entertainment was so-so. It is a shame that this ship falls below the mark in so many areas We have sailed Norwegian in the past and had great experiences. As an example I would sail on the Jewel or Pearl in a heartbeat but the Epic.....

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tutukane's Tips

Miami, Florida - Walk the beach! But some Spring breakers were already here good views, bad vibs!
Norwegian Pearl Norwegian Pearl - Cabins could use a refresher. The specialty restaurants are not worth the extra cost! Breakfasts are the best!
Carnival Sensation Carnival Sensation - Go to the dining room for breakfast there was no line and the eggs are better.
Nassau, Bahamas - Not much to see, usual run of the mill shops, Big Casino
Miami, Florida - Go a day or more early and see the sights. lots to do and see. Prices are high. Get on ship as soon as possible (11:00 AM)
Norwegian Epic Norwegian Epic - If you are getting a balcony ensure it is deck 10 or higher! If you can, find out before you book if the cabin bed is toward the outside wall or next to the toilet alcove. The outside works much better.

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