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Family of 5 and we love to cruise. So far have been on 10 Carnival and 1 Norwegian !!


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Carnival Fantasy

July 2017 - Carnival Fantasy to Caribbean - Western

Fantasy... older ship but good time!

We sailed the Fantasy years ago out of Charleston and really enjoyed it. We decided on the Fantasy again as a last minute family vacation. We prefer the newer ships but this port is the closest to us and so we decided to go on her again. This is the oldest ship now in the fleet. So, if you are used to larger newer ships this may be a drawback. I prefer the larger ships. There are just not as many places to explore on the smaller ships but they are less crowded so there are pros and cons. Seems like the pool area was just way too crowded all the time. Could never get a lounge chair. The serentity deck is in a weird area and small. No hammocks.. Just a small area off the back of the ship so we went there quite a bit. Guys Burgers is always a favorite and they did add that to this ship as well as the Blue Iguana. They didn't have the Alchemy Bar which is so cool. The promenade was small and the comedy club crowded. The service we had in the dining room was great and the food was pretty good. We enjoy trivia so we did those. Wish they had some more activities like that during the day. I will tell you that what made this cruise so memorable and fun was Mikey our CD. HE WAS FANTASTIC. I mean we even went to the morning show because he was there.... really he was great!!! The shows were meh.. just ok. They need to mix things up a bit and bring back some acrobats or some other things other then the las vegas style shows. Plus they are the same ones on a lot of ships so we keep seeing the same shows which gets a little old. We are booked on the Dream in December and I am praying they have some different shows. All in all this was a really fun family vacation!!

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Carnival Conquest

October 2016 - Carnival Conquest to Caribbean - Eastern

Older ship nice cruise.

This has been our 11th cruise, 10 on Carnival.  I have come to the conclusion that for the most part it is who we are with family friends..that make the trip.  The Conquest was not my favorite ship, yet we had a really good time with our family and friends.  


The good... The food was really good on this ship.  I cannot complain.  The main dining room the food was excellent.  The Lido pretty much the same as the other ships.  The pizza place is always delicious as well as Guys Burgers.. so good.


The staff was super friendly and the ship although dated was very clean.  Our cabin was adequate, inside 8230.  It was in a great location and relatively quiet.  We enjoyed using the gym and the mini golf was also fun.  


The bad:  The entertainment was just ok.  It started out bad... and got better.  The epic rock modified show was the best and I even watched it twice but the rest was just ok compared to other ships.. No variety shows.. magicians etc... The comedians were terrible.  Also, I don't know if they were short staff but there was no entertainment staff.. Only Haylee the CD and DJ Desire did most of the trivia and one other girl we saw once... We really enjoy trivia and ping pong tornaments etc and there was no ping pong and a few trivia but not very much.. only on port days when not many were on board.  I felt the activities were extremely limited.  Not much going on at all except pain and foot seminars etc... I was disappointed in that.  


The ports were ok.  We didn't get to half moon cay.. This is the 3rd time we were supposed to go there and couldn't.. They need to have a back up port for this as another day at sea was just ok and again they didn't put many things to do that day on the fun times.  


All in all a great time but I probably would not choose the Conquest again.  I like the bigger ships as there is just more room.

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Norwegian Dawn

March 2016 - Norwegian Dawn to Caribbean - Western

First Time sailing on Norwegian

Just got back yesterday from our cruise on the Norwegian Dawn.  This is our 11th cruise, the first 10 with Carnival.  This was our first with Norwegian.  It is difficult to not compare so I will give my review with some comparison for others who may be in the same situation, trying Norwegian for the first time.


First of all, I was worried by so many negative reviews.  Upon arriving we parked at Fulton Place parking on the rooftop which was 9 dollars a day.  That all went fine except it is very busy there but that is expected.  So many people.  Got onto the ship by noon and everything there went smoothly.  


We have never done a guarantee category before and now I will say I will NEVER do this again as it did not work out well for us AT ALL.  We book obstructed oceanview porthole.  We were told that it was due to the lifeboats being in the way.  We didn't care as it provided light and we usually do inside anyway.  We got an awesome price  so it was all good and I looked and all these rooms were on the 8th deck.  


Well when we got to our room we were "upgraded" to an oceanview non obstructed view but they put us on the 4th deck ALL THE WAY IN THE FRONT OF THE SHIP.  I mean we were 4 rooms back.  I understand this was a guarantee so we took a chance and this was not a good one.  If you get sea sick AT ALL do not do guarantee as this was the worst location we have ever gotten on any cruise.  Lets just say the kids and I were nervous the entire time.  It was so rough the seas it sounded like you were in the middle of a storm.  I'll end it there, but room 4512 was a horrible room

We tried to get it moved 3 times but they said the ship was totally booked.  Nervous


Ok now to the boat.  It is older and smaller.  But is is very comparable to the older Carnival ships.  It is going into dry dock next month for a spif up so it should improve that.  But all in all the ship was very nice.  


We got some deals so we dined in 3 specialty restaurants and also the free Aqua and Venetian.  

The food was very good for the most part, maybe a little better than Carnival.  The desserts were definitely better.  The Garden Cafe upstairs had something for everyone... burgers hot dogs pasta station and then whatever they were serving that day.  It was all pretty good but nothing really fantastic.  


We prefer Carnival up on the Lido because my husband loves Guys Burgers and I like that you can go to different places like the Burrito place and most of all I totally missed the 24 hour pizza that Carnival offers.  Norwegian Dawn has what looks and tastes like a frozen pizza on the bar.  So in comparison Carnival definitely to me is better because of choice.


The specialty restaurants were good.  The Moderno Brazilian Steakhouse was my least favorite.  The salad bar was fantastic but the meat which is the main attraction was not good at all.  

Cagnys was delicious.  Le Bistro had my favorite meal the lobster tail.  So good.

The Venetian was elegantly decorated and very good.  The Aqua was very cool and we enjoyed that as well.  


I will say for us the freestyle wasn't our favorite although it does have its perks.  If you are not hungry at a certain time, you just go when you want.  But for us we enjoy going to the same table and having the same waiter every night for the whole week.  There is no real ability to get to know the staff because you are always somewhere different. We didn't like that but some may.  


The shows were ok.  Not our favorite except the last night the illusionist was fantastic.  Second City was also great but that was only one night.  The Dawn singers were not great.  We enjoyed the Frank Sinatra singer as well. But entertainment was just mediocre.  


All in all we had a great time and we enjoyed the trip although the next cruise we booked was back to Carnival.  Carnival to me is also just better for the kids.  We have teenagers and there didn't seem much to do.  We also like the big movie screen by the pool and movies and sports on Carnival s bigger ships.  Also there really isn't any specific adult area like the Serenity on Carnival, which we like.  


One last note.  Richard the cruise director was awesome!!!!! 

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Carnival Liberty

October 2014 - Carnival Liberty to Caribbean - Eastern

Good cruise some bad things but overall good

This is our first time on the Carnival Liberty but our 10th cruise on Carnival.  We left out of Port Canaveral which was a breeze!!  I really like this port.  Upon arriving on the ship I noticed the same kind of glitz and glam as the other ships.  Last year we did the Sunshine which was much more subdued in glitz.  We got right on and went to our room which was ready.  We then made our way up to the Lido to have lunch.  It was crowded of course but we opted for Guys burgers which are so delicious.  My husband had one EVERY day.  I recommend.  we then got a drink and walked the ship.  We have never been on this class ship before so we wanted to see how it fared.  After about 3 days I realized that the Sunshine was this class ship and had the total refurb.  (I prefer the Sunshines new upgrade)  The Libertys plan is kinda awkward.  Very congested in the main areas.  The pizza was so far in the back out of the way and I really really feel there are SO MANY wasted unused spaces on this ship.  The promenade is SMALL.  I cannot stand how the casino is right there where you sit to watch the bands and have to breathe in the awful smoke.  Plus it is just too congested.  Meanwhile there were other spaces not used at all.  There was a kids club bar right next to the night club on the promenade... very weird and no one was ever in there.  Also there was a room below the promenade that was empty almost every time we passed it.  The comedy club was huge and only used at night.  It just was like I said congested and awkward.  I really feel like they can utilize the space much better.  


The service was great on the ship.  The cruise director Gary (who this was his first week on this ship) was great!!!  Very very entertaining!!  The others were just ok.  Our waiters in the dining room were amazing and worked so hard!


The food on the lido was so so as usual. The pizza is fantastic.  The burgers great as well as the blue iguana.  The mongolain wok was just ok and not worth standing on line for 40 minutes.  This ship instead of the pasta restaurant had a fish and chips place.  It was good but no one was ever there.  I think the pasta restaurant would be better.  I also think they need to do smaller stations instead of one big bar.  Just too long of lines.


The desserts on the lido were AWFUL!!!!!  I MEAN AWFUL.  I don't know who is making them but everything was tasteless and like jello.  Gross. 

The main dining room the food was great.. my favorites are the lobster tail, prime rib and flat iron ... yum.


All in all this was a great vacation.  They did have to reroute us to the western carrribean due to bad weather but that was ok.  


Stayed in room 2425.  Great location!!  I tiny bit noisy from carts above but not late at night.  You just go right up to either the promenade, lido, punch liner.  

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Carnival Sunshine

December 2013 - Carnival Sunshine to Caribbean - Western

this was our 9th carnival cruise. Sunshine very nice.

Ok, so I have some pros and cons.  Mostly this ship was very nice.  I was so worried due to many many poor reviews.  This was our 20th anniversary so this cruise was without the children.  We always cruise with them so this was a way more relaxing cruise than the others.  New Orleans was great.  It did take a little longer to get on the ship than the other ports we have sailed out of.  But we were still on the boat by 12:30.  

Let me say that the rennovation of this ship to me is nice.  I love the soft calming colors and decor.  All the other ships are very flashy and somewhat tacky.  The Sunshine is just low key and beautiful.  Very different.  I especially loved the decor of the Lido deck restaurant.  It was so relaxing and almost looked like a cafe.  Great sea green colors. 


We decided to splurge and stay in the spa balcony room.  This was so nice for us.  No smoking on the balconies up there so we had these huge sliding doors that could be left open to hear the ocean.  Very nice.  A big con was the elevator situation to the 12th floor.  It never came up there and we had to take the stairs every time!!  If you are someone who cannot take the stairs do not book the 11th or 12th deck.  I don't think it was really worth the spa amenities.  You get one body scrub and use of the spa rooms which are a steam room, dry sauna, aromatherapy steamroom and these heated chairs.  No big deal, but the heated chairs ARE AMAZING.  We were on them every day.  Very nice!!  You get 30% off spa services which we did not use because it was already way expensive.  


The food in the dining room for the 8:15 late dinner was delicious!!  Lobster, prime rib, steaks.. shrimp.  Very tasty and we had really good service.  My husband dreamed about Guys burgers every day.  They were really really good.  I loved the burrtio bar especially the breakfast burritos.  They had so many different salsas... yum.  Also the pizza is fantastic!!!  

I didn't have the deli sandwiches.  We did manage to have asian JJ's for lunch one day before everyone came back on board from excursions.  Otherwis the line was way too long... and not worth it.  


The activites were ok. Trivia most days and the usual hairy chest etc... not our thing.  The serenity deck was beautiful!!  


As for waiting for a seat for an hour for shows.. that never happened for us.  It was smaller but we always found a decent seat there.  The shows were pretty good and the juggler was great!!!  


I really really dislike A LOT having to walk through the casino to get to the promenade.  It was like this on the Dream as well and I cannot stand the smell of smoke.  Very poor floorplan.. guess they want to lure passerbys in??  


The cruise director Jamie was really great and energetic!!  One of the best we have had.  The others on the team not great at all.  


The ports were ok.  Jamaica unless you do some kina of all inclusive is SCARY.  

Grand Caymen was classy and clean and we snorkeled in Cozumel for the first time.  Very fun.


All in all a great vacation and a wonderful 20th memory!!!

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Carnival Dream

October 2013 - Carnival Dream to Caribbean - Eastern

Carnival Ecstasy

March 2012 - Carnival Ecstasy to Caribbean - Bahamas

tssweety's Tips

Mobile, Alabama - Industrial but its a nice port to leave out of. Low key.
Cozumel, Mexico - Always enjoy cozumel. Easy to walk to shops. Been here probably 10 times. Get your tequila here.
Norwegian Dawn Norwegian Dawn - Drinks are better at the inside bars. Especially the Pearly Kings Pub.
Carnival Liberty Carnival Liberty - Loved the trivia... just not in the lobby. Not enough room there again very congested. Love the ping pong tournaments and corn hole. More things like this would be great.
Carnival Sunshine Carnival Sunshine - Definitely go to brunch!! Try the taste bar between 530-8 for a bite of food. yum.

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