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Budapest, Hungary

We arrived one day early and visited on our own, prior to the cruise. i recommend two days. we stayed in the Castle district (NOT where we departed from) and had to get our own way to the departure hotel.

Passau, Germany

walked all over this city (left the 'tour') - wish here we'd have had another few hours. Window shopped, visited the park where the Danube meets the Inn.

Nuremberg, Germany

So glad we visited this city - we'd been here a few years ago but never got to the old town area. The castle overlooking the city was nice - wish again that we could have stayed there longer.

Vienna, Austria

We'd have gone out on our own from the start if we had known more about Vienna - the tour bus stopped at the Albertina museum and we walked away...we then went back on our own and toured that museum. We rode a tour bus around the city; wish we had more time there, as it seems there is much to see.

Melk, Austria

great view from the abbey, nice tour there. Wish we had time to have visited the town as well.

Avalon Vista

Avalon Vista

READ up on the places you will stop. Oh, and don't order a sparkling water on your first day. we were charged for it; we only had wine with dinner to keep the bar bill down.

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