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December 2016 - Westerdam to Mexico

Signature suite

I had a signature suite for handicap  - I don't think that suite was any bigger than a regular handicap room that I have had on a Celebrity ship - the ship needs to be refurbished - buffet - a big disappointment - dining room food - felt sorry for anyone who had a big appetite - very small portions - if you have sailed with Celebrity then this is not the same at all -service staff very friendly - room steward the same - have nothing  bad to say about the people who worked on board - always a smile - always helpful - but the Ship itself is not my cup of tea - I will stick with Celebrity from now on. 

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Crown Princess

December 2015 - Crown Princess to Mexico

Handicap wheelchair assistance

My husband requires a wheelchair to get on board and to depart - I had rented a rolling  transport for him and it was in the cabin when I got on board - the stipulation with that company was that the transport was to be left in the cabin when we left. I went down to guest services the next day and asked if a wheelchair will come to the cabin when we were ready to depart to take us down to the designated station where we were to wait - was told at the desk this was not a policy of Princess - they suggested that when i was ready to leave the cabin to take my husband down to deck 7 - I was on 10 - deposit hiin the waiting area and hop back on the elevator to bring the roller back to tcabin - husband is 91 and I am 86 - told her this was ridiculous - they provide assistance upon coming on board and they should do the same upon departure - wasl told this was not the policy of Princess - I left - next day went back down to guest services - saw another young lady Hailey and told her my story - told her also that there was no way I could leave my husband down on his own as he has dementia - he would get scared - she said she would speak to her supervisor - came back and said they would make an exception with me - to call before I left the cabin and someone would come with the wheelcair and take him off. -which did happen - how do they expect people who cannot walk long distances to get to the elevators on the day of departure and leave?? crawl down the hallways on their hands and knees - this policy for handicappedI  people is not acceptable.----   Did not like the cabinn - way too small - had a balcony - and the plastic shower curtain in the bathroom was not a good thing - I have cruised with Norweigen - Holland America - many with irCelebrity and never had a problem with disembarking with wheechair - will not look at Princess cruises again - this was my first experience with this line and my last. 

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Celebrity Silhouette

December 2014 - Celebrity Silhouette to Caribbean - Western


Embarkation at Ft. Lauderdale was hectic but efficient - ship was beautiful = Christmas decorations very nice - as soon as I got on board requested valet service for luggage upon disembarkation - dining room we had table for two =- never again -= you are pushed up to another table for two so this becomes table for two or four or six - went two nights at the dining room - long waits because they are handling large tables first - gave up and did the buffet rest of the trip. Entertainment at the theater was great for two nights = rest of the time a bore with the same singers and dancers doing the same routines - did the two specialty shows and bypassed the so called "Broadway Extravagances"" have seen these routines over and over again. Port at Haiti was very small but very beautiful  - Grand Cayman required a tender - that was ok - Jamaica and Cozumel ok - then we came to the disembarkation - waited for my tags for valet service - never came - went down to Guest Services and was told thatySouthwest had denied the service - who knows for what reason - suggested maybe because of senior fare - or whatever - so had to get luggage tags and face the Ft. Lauderdale airport for flight home - airport was a nightmare - lines were outside the building and down the sidewalk - juggling two large suitcases - husband in wheelchair - jackets - tickets - and whatever else - just could not handle this - we are two seniors in our late eighties so this is a problem - finally got desperate and went inside with my luggage and just went up to a man in a red shirt and told him he had to please help me with the boarding passes and getting myself and husband to the gate - he was wonderful - took care of us with the paperwork and got someone to get a wheelchair to take us up to security and thru to the gate. This airport for the amount of cruise ships that come in is way too small -= and I learned that three more cruise ships are due for next year - it is a nightmare now with two more it will become something else. I recommend that if anyone is taking the Silhouette and need help at Guest Services to ask for Abigail - she is a credit to this company and knows her job and will do anything to resolve your problem---- we were fortunate that we met many wonderful people on this cruise - have taken about seven others and as far as the people on the cruise this one was the best. We had balcony 8248 - no complaints as far as the room goes - buffet was good - great variety - dining room not for me and spoke to others who said they did it once or twice and ended up at the buffet in the evening. Haiti as I said was very small - but just a beautiful little port - not much there - few buildings - very small beach - but from what I heard from others beautiful snorkeling. 

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Celebrity Summit

January 2014 - Celebrity Summit to Caribbean - Southern

Summit is not the Solstice

Experience at San Juan airport - had opted for the Celebrity bus  to get on board- well, we are seniors and my husband requires a wheelchair if walking distances are too far for him -  he had a wheelchair coming off the plane that brought him to where we were to take the bus and was told the bus would come outside and that I was required to take my luggage out to the curb myself - two large bags and two carry-ons - no wheelchair for husband as they were not allowed out of the building - Celebrity people watched me struggle with the bags - watched my husband try and walk that distance to the outside and did nothing to help - finally when one of the bags I was pulling fell ove the driver of the bus came over and asked if he could help - I canceled the bus going back at the end of the cruise and took a cab. Now for the bathrooms - what a disaster waiting to happen - no walk in shower - I had a suite - I have never seen tubs so high off the ground - a broken leg or arm in the making - I was told that some people bring in the small table from the balcony and use it as a step to get in the shower - are you kidding me??? Summit was clean - food was good - butler was very good - ship is old - but then so am I --- after the trip got to San Juan airport early -= curb side checkin said I could not have a wheelchair for my husband until I checked in at the desk - never had this happen to be before - so husband did the best he could getting into the terminal =- went to the desk and was told they could not take my luggage yet as it was too early - ok - can understand that - however, when I asked for a wheelchair for husband to sit in - and they were all there in view - was told that he could not have a wheelchair until his baggage was taken - what was he supposed to do - sit on the floor??Sitting is at a premium at that airport. My last comment is about the entertainment - it is non-existent - had the same juggler for two nights - no specialty acts at all - last night show was so bad I walked out. I loved the Solstice and also the Silhouette - but the Summit is not my cup of tea and San Juan airport certainly is not - one more comment - and I promise I will be done - there is nothing more frustrating than an airport that has places to eat but no tables or chairs and you have to sit with the food in your lap.

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tomorrow's Tips

Westerdam Westerdam - If you are using a mobility scooter be very careful coming or going from the ship to the promendde deck -scooter gets caught half way on the door sill - wheels spin - husband tried to back up and come up a little faster and ended up with the scooter falling sideways and him on the floor banging
Celebrity Silhouette Celebrity Silhouette - Dont't wait for the day before disembarkation to find out if you are going to valet service - apparently the airlines that participate in this have the option of denying any that they want to.

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received a helpful vote on their Westerdam cruise review - Signature suite

received a helpful vote on their Westerdam cruise review - Signature suite

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