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December 2015 - 7 Night Mexican Riviera (Los Angeles Roundtrip) Cruise on Crown Princess

Handicap wheelchair assistance

My husband requires a wheelchair to get on board and to depart - I had rented a rolling  transport for him and it was in the cabin when I got on board - the stipulation with that company was that the transport was to be left in the cabin when we left. I went down to guest services the next day and asked if a wheelchair will come to the cabin when we were ready to depart to take us down to the designated station where we were to wait - was told at the desk this was not a policy of Princess - they suggested that when i was ready to leave the cabin to take my husband down to deck 7 - I was on 10 - deposit hiin the waiting area and hop back on the elevator to bring the roller back to tcabin - husband is 91 and I am 86 - told her this was ridiculous - they provide assistance upon coming on board and they should do the same upon departure - wasl told this was not the policy of Princess - I left - next day went back down to guest services - saw another young lady Hailey and told her my story - told her also that there was no way I could leave my husband down on his own as he has dementia - he would get scared - she said she would speak to her supervisor - came back and said they would make an exception with me - to call before I left the cabin and someone would come with the wheelcair and take him off. -which did happen - how do they expect people who cannot walk long distances to get to the elevators on the day of departure and leave?? crawl down the hallways on their hands and knees - this policy for handicappedI  people is not acceptable.----   Did not like the cabinn - way too small - had a balcony - and the plastic shower curtain in the bathroom was not a good thing - I have cruised with Norweigen - Holland America - many with irCelebrity and never had a problem with disembarking with wheechair - will not look at Princess cruises again - this was my first experience with this line and my last. 

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If you are using a mobility scooter be very careful coming or going from the ship to the promendde deck -scooter gets caught half way on the door sill - wheels spin - husband tried to back up and come up a little faster and ended up with the scooter falling sideways and him on the floor banging

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Dont't wait for the day before disembarkation to find out if you are going to valet service - apparently the airlines that participate in this have the option of denying any that they want to.

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