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February 2014 - Liberty of the Seas to Caribbean - Western

Extremely disappointed!!!

I have been on other cruiselines and was always told Royal Carribean was the best.  So, I decided to try it.  The long lines awaiting to board the ship that moved extremely slow was the first disappointment.  Once on the ship, it was as though we were all a lost bunch of travellers.  Very few crew were available to answer question and give directions.  After exploring the ship some, we realized there wasn't much ouside space other than the top deck which was manly for sunbathing and a loud partying atmosphere.  There seemed to be no place for which to sit back and "enjoy" the cruise.  Although, the food was fine in the Windjammer, it just always seemed hectic.  Late in the afternoon, it was closed and to get a coffee or light snack you had to go to the 5th deck coffee shop which was once again packed with people because this was the only place to go.  I had booked a tour in Belize and was told by the company to try and be on the first tender.  I approached the front desk and was told it was "first come, first serve" in  a very hateful manner.  I was at a lost.  However, another staff member seen my distress and she assisted me with calling the company and explaining that I would possibly be late for the tour.  One out of many at this point.  The morning we were to disembark was an absolute mess.  There were only a few crew available to assist and even then they didn't do much to help.  It was a horrible experience with many unhappy travellers.  Regardless of the wait, it could have been much easier if crew would have been available to explain what was going on and the passengers weren't the ones having to get information and pass it on.  My excursion was delayed by two hours because of the ships inability to get the people off the ship in an timely/orderly manner.  Because of the delay, I was unable to explore Belize City some on my own, as planned.  The port of Cozumel went off without a hitch and was very enjoyable.  At the dock in Ft. Lauderdale I was once again hit with disorganization and no crew to assist.  I choose to take my own luggage and disembark at 7:30.  What a mess!!  I had to go up and down, in and out, this way and that way, just to get to deck 3.  Then, the elevator opened up onto a slew of people complaining about this or that person jumping line.  I looked around and wondered how on earth a person even knew where the line was.  After much pushing and shoving, and once again, no crew to assit, I got off the ship.  Customs was horrible, but I realize this was nothing the cruiseline could have controlled.


I do want to say "my time dining experience" was a highlight.  The servers, Samiran and Rishidev, were on their toes.  They always seems to know when I needed something, or when I didn't want to be bothered.  Both, Samiran and Rishidev, are extremely proud to be members of Royal Caribbean and value each and every diner.  I watched how they treated not only me, but other tables and no one was ever without.  These two are exemplorary employees and should be recognized as such.  Hats off to them and their loyalty to Royal Caribbean.

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received a helpful vote on their Liberty of the Seas cruise review - Extremely disappointed!!!

received a helpful vote on their Liberty of the Seas cruise review - Extremely disappointed!!!

received a helpful vote on their Liberty of the Seas cruise review - Extremely disappointed!!!

received a helpful vote on their Liberty of the Seas cruise review - Extremely disappointed!!!

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