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April 2014 - Grandeur of the Seas to Caribbean - Bahamas

Not good

We have been on a cruise with Royal Caribbean Before. That cruise (On Grandeur's sister ship Enchantment) Was a solid 4.5. Right off the bat we had a delay boarding because the cruise before had illness and they had to clean it. I tried to back out. (I had insurance) but, they said unless I was sick I would lose my money. So we went. EVERYTHING on this ship was sticky from their cleaning fluids and remained that way the whole trip. Every time you passed an employee they squirted more goo in your hands. So you avoided touching anything. We went to cococay and waited hours to get a tender to take you in. Our first cruise they spead things up by using life boats to help. Not here. They didn't tell us that they had a free cookout on the island so we ate on board first. And of course we missed out on what looked like a great meal. When we came back to the ship, about an hr. later, Their was a Security guard in front of our room with someone in our room. They said nothing was going on but, could we come back a little later. (I will get back to this) When we got to Nasseau the weather was bad. (Not their fault) We were told by other guests on the ship not to take credit cards because of pick pockets on the Island. So, We locked them in the safe in our room. When we got back, we tried to open our safe and an alarm went off. They sent a maintainence guy up to open it which amounted to touching it with a magnet. (Real secure)  We never got to walk the top deck completely around because something broke on the top deck which involved loud jack hammers to fix most of the week. It was so windy most of the time that it was closed anyway. Min. amount of chairs to set on up by the pool because they had to be tied down as not to blow off the ship I guess. We finally got close enough to shore for a cell phone reception I had a message saying someone hacked my credit card so they canciled it. I settled my debt with cash. When I asked at the service desk about the srcurity guard at my cabin door, They looked on the computer and said, No, that never happened. So I got no answers. All in all just misserable. Will I ever go on any cruise again? Doubtful. And yes, We made the news as many people got sick on our cruise too. But, The next scheduled cruise was given the option to postpone their cruise till a later time. Why Wasn't we?



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