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February 2016 - Carnival Glory to Caribbean - Western

Cabin from Hell

We had a terrible experience aboard the Carnival Glory ship.  The first night on the ship, we were kept awake all night by very loud noises coming from underneath our cabin.  It was so loud that my (very heavy sleeper) 10-year old woke up in the middle of the night crying because she thought the boat was sinking.  We tried calling Guest Services but no one answered the line... so we just waited until the next morning on 3 hours of sleep to complain at the Guest Services desk.  We talked to one of the representatives and she mentioned that they had previous guests of the same cabin complain about noises.  We were appalled to learn that Carnival would knowingly keep booking  this cabin when they are aware of such circumstances.  Apparently she got frustrated with our questions, so she very rudely told us there was nothing they could do since the ship was full... that's it... good luck! We asked for the manager.  He then said that we needed to wait until the ship arrived at port (the following day) and see if any cabins came available then... until then there was nothing he could do.  He also mentioned that the crew's sleeping conditions were worse... like that helped.  They also asked us to "monitor" the noises and call them when we heard them.  Who in their right mind is going to ask a guest to tally disruptions in the middle of the night?  There was no empathy for our situation... no 'we are very sorry, let me treat you to something for your troubles'... NOTHING.  We were asked to come back after the ship left the 1st port after yet another terrible night of no sleep.  Every night we called, and every night we heard the same thing.  Nothing we can do.  They even had someone come to our room at 3:00am in the morning to "evaluate" the noises.  After chatting us up as we laid in bed, she confirmed that in fact they were very loud and she was going to talk to Guest Services.  We never heard anything... we never received a phone call apologizing, not even a letter.  I have never felt so unappreciated as a guest.  The way I perceived it was that they had a full ship so for all they care we were SoL.  At the end we got some credit on our account... and a swift kick out the door so they could make way for a new guest to enjoy the midnight swoosh, bang, clank of stateroom 1393. 

I will never ever travel with Carnival again... and will make it a point to tell everyone I know (and don't) to travel with Royal Caribbean instead... I've heard nothing but great things about them.

PS.  Carnival - if you care at all for your guests... you should flag this type of room as people are booking them and offer them at a discount.  There is no reason someone should pay full price for discount accommodations.

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