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I think cruising is one of the most economical ways you can travel. Also, having a wedding onboard a ship is a very wise financial decision too. Our daughter got married onboard the Carnival Fantasy several years ago. I love being pampered, not having to decide what to cook every night, etc. You just can't beat spending the daytime hours sitting in the sun; somewhere on an island or by the pool either !



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Carnival Fantasy

May 2017 - Carnival Fantasy to Caribbean - Western

Made Diamond Level this cruise

Since I started this cruise with 197 nights, they granted me Diamond Level at the start of this cruise. I was surprised, because I had not noticed it on my Boarding Pass. The first night, the floor Supervisor stopped by to give me a letter; welcoming me to the Diamond Club along with a red leather Passport Holder and Luggage Tag ( high quality leather too ). The next day, at dinner the Matre' D stopped by and asked if we would like to join the Captain for brunch the next sea day. There was one other Diamond level onboard and she was there with her Mother. I was there with Dale, of course. There was the Captain, with two other Officers. Brunch was nice, but was really nice was being Fast Tracked off the ship at the end. We were off the ship and in our car by 9:30 AM ! They really know how to treat people well, once they hit this level. I know you don't just want to hear about this level, so about the cruise itself. I enjoyed the artificial grass up on the 13th floor, where the mini golf is. It seems strange to see grass, while looking at ocean all around. It has picnic tables and benches to sit on all around and hardly any  people, even on sea days. So, we used that space to sit in the sun instead of by the pools where everyone else was. The ship has been redone, since the last time we were on it, some good and some bad. New bathrooms; they look nice, but there is hardly any storage now; just a real tiny area for tooth brushes. That's it. Cabin 611 has port holes. These port holes are set so far back into the ship that you have a huge area to put your "stuff" on. It's at least 4 feet wide and could make a play area for 2 kids easily. For some reason this ship did not have the same type of newer menu that the Miracle had in Feb. We had the same older one, but on Mother's Day paid the extra $20 each for lobster. Shouldn't have though; it came so burnt we could hardly cut through it. Out of the 8 people at our table, 6 had paid for lobster and all 6 had it arrive burnt to a crisp. Too bad. They gave all the Mother's flowers and offered lots of Mothers Day activities throughout the entire day ( spa, games, Mother/daughter things, etc. ). On our way down to Mobile, we stayed in Greenville, AL and stayed in a Comfort Inn right off of 65.  Room 111, downstairs; right by the side door; perfect location for the hotel. Right by a Walmart, since we forgot a few items and also some restaurants were there too. We will definitely stay there the next time we use this port. Some people complained that getting on and off the ship was very unorganized; I'd say, I am just happy they reopened the port. The trip is short and a nice first time introduction to cruising or in our case, just needing to get away !

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Carnival Miracle

March 2017 - Carnival Miracle to Mexico

A cery COLD cruise

The only reason this cruise got a 4 was due to the weather, which of course, the cruise line could not help. Problem is; we have taken this same cruise, same ship; at least 6 times so far and it is always freezing onboard. the first two days onboard are cold and so are the last two days. So, four out of 8 days; you freeze ! Bring a sweatshirt ! If you check your itinerary carefully, you might be able to stay overnight in Puerto Vallarta, which we love. We used to have a small home there. So, we visit with friends for lunch/dinner; get hair cuts, etc. The Miracle is a perfect size ship. Not too large and not too small. It also has 4K cabins. Meaning you can pay inside cabin prices, but get an outside cabin, with a sliding glass door that opens onto a very tiny balcony. It's obstructed view, but check the location and get the cabins that are located between the two life boats. That way you have the area between the boats to look out. You can take pictures from there, etc. and nobody will know you didn't pay tee extra money for a balcony cabin ; no less that you only paid for an inside cabin ! Carnival has some new shows going on too, that were really nice to watch. We were getting a bit tired of watching the same ones over and over. They are also going back to having dancers who only dance and singers who only sing; like they had years ago. Instead of having singer/dancers. Some people who danced well, just did not sing very well. Their menu in the main restaurants have also changed. Now, I do not know if that was just on the Miracle or not, but will update you soon, since I leave Wed on the Fantasy. There are many more choices in every area; and instead of a special "didja' item, they now offer an entire menu from the port you are visiting. That was a nice feature. On a longer cruise, I used to have a problem finding a item on some evenings as to what I would eat. I got tired of the standard fish, beef, chicken, etc. With this new menu, that never happened. They even changed the breads that came with the meal. Now, they offer a fruit bread with dinner and put the bread in a basket on the table. I loved the cranberry bread, but nobody else at the table did. That worked out well with me ! In Cabo, we only got off the ship to go to the local pharmacy. In Mazatlán, we took the city tour. We haven't been there in a long time and it's always a nice excursion to take and very reasonably priced. In Vallarta, we met some friends and then went to Wal-Mart for gifts. It is the place to go for cheap Vallarta items. They have a huge selection of everything you could ask for. Cheap ! Walk out of the ship, go tot he left, to the main road. You will see Wall Mart and Sam's Club to your left. Be careful crossing the street because it is a very busy street.   If you need to renew your Sam's membership, do it here, it is a bit cheaper. You can also get a huge drink outside the front of Sam's for the walk back to the ship afterwards; of take one of the many yellow taxi's out front. That reminds me. If you are going to old town on your own, don't take one of the taxis in front of the cruise port ! they are one of the most expensive unions there is in town. Walk out of the port, to the side street, past the fence , about 3 to 4 minutes ;  where the yellow taxis are waiting. They are the ones you want to take. Different union, air conditioned, just like the others, just better prices. Most important go to old town. Anywhere in old town. Tell him you want to go to the River Cuale' or to the Flea Market in old town. Sit in the little restaurant across the street from the flea market and have one of the best lemonades and tortilla soup ever ! ( Limonados) ! they always have live music ( Mariachi bands) Most of all fun !

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Carnival Elation

October 2016 - Carnival Elation to Caribbean - Bahamas

friendliest crew out of 47 cruises

I do not know what is was with this crew, but out of the 47 cruises my husband and I have taken; this crew was the friendliest group of them all. Usually we have perhaps one or two people that helped make our cruise wonderful. This trip there were 14 of them !!! We did a back to back of a five day with a four day to make a nice 9 day out of it. People ( crew ) went out of their way several times every single day to make sure we were happy and had every single thing we could ask for. This was also the first cruise we that decided to try an inside cabin with. I was extremely hesitant, but no more. I wanted to mention that fact, so you knew our cabin selection had nothing to do with our treatment. I think our cabin was quieter than usual and definitely darker than our usual. I never looked behind that curtained off window (??) area though. We slept wonderfully in this dark cocoon every night, perhaps too good. Since we had problems getting up in the AM. I will not hesitate to book another inside cabin from now on. If I had to say anything negative about the entire 9 days, it would be how they passed out their BINGO cards. They would send a crew member to you, while you sat in your chairs. This method seemed to take forever and some people got pretty frustrated with the long wait. Otherwise, this cruise was a perfect getaway !    

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Carnival Fascination

November 2014 - Carnival Fascination to Caribbean - Bahamas

perfect quick getaway !

A short five hour drive from Atlanta and we were at Jacksonville, FL. Stayed overnight at the Comfort Suites Hotel, very clean, large rooms and I'd stay there again. They have a shuttle to the port too, with parking for your car in a well lighted lot, right in front of the main office. The port itself, is nice a small and the people extremely nice. In fact, my Husband mentioned on our last day that it was as if the Carnival people had been given a "Happy Pill" on this cruise, since every single person we met, was so very friendly and wanted to talk to us. This was our 33rd cruise and the staff was probably the friendliest we have ever met. Even the Matre' D got up and danced with the other servers after the dining service ended. We had never had that happen before. The ship itself, was older, only 70,000 tons, but has been recently redone. There wasn't a hair dryer in our outside cabin, which was a shock to me; I thought all cabins had them ! There were plenty of drawers though and we even had some empty ones. I think the cabins are small, compared to most Carnival ships, but who cares; you aren't in them much anyway. It was plenty big enough for the 2 of us. The shows were typical Carnival Los Vegas type shows, complete with the Punch Line Comedy Club offering several shows every night. there was a long line every night for the Dine Around Dining Room, but we never choose that type of dining plan anyway, so we didn't care. We never had to wait for our seating, which was the late seating. Since we have been to these ports several times in the past, we did not even get off the ship at all. So, I can not comment about them. In the past, they have both been enjoyed though. This trip, we just stayed onboard and stayed by the pool.  Getting off the ship was pretty well organized, it went much faster than on most ships, but I guess that was due to having less passengers. We were in our car by 9:45, on our way back to Atlanta. We both decided we will defiantly take this cruise again. For the cost, we could not have taken another vacation and had as much fun or relaxation as we did on this cruise. We are already booked again, this time out of LA on Carnival Miracle for my 34th cruise and I can't wait !

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svoykin's Tips

Carnival Fantasy Carnival Fantasy - Play mini golf. It's fun to do that, especially while the ocean is all around you !
Cozumel, Mexico - We have done this same shore excursion at least 6 times, but we still do it every time we land there; go to Passion Island. You take either a slow ( the one we take) or one of those crazy twister boats to one of the most beautiful beaches you have ever seen. All food and drinks provided. Plenty to do or you can do nothing, but be in a hammock all day, if you want. Reasonable price too.
Jacksonville, Florida - We stayed at the Candlewood Suites Hotel. Just a few short blocks to the port ( 7 minutes perhaps ). The gave us cruise parking for both back to back cruises. Huge three room suites with a steak house right next door. Great prices for the rooms too.
Carnival Fascination Carnival Fascination - We just loved the staff. They are the friendliest staff on any Carnival ship we have been on and this was our 33rd cruise !

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