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Carnival Triumph

September 2016 - 4 Night Western Caribbean (New Orleans Roundtrip) Cruise on Carnival Triumph

Triumph is like the Motel 6 of the Fleet.

I gave this trip a 3 star rating because we did have fun. However, this boat is a dump.  It's old, it smells, and it's just funky.   

We went because our friends got married on the boat and wanted a bunch of us to go so off we went.  The wedding experience was chaotic as best but that's for the bride to rant about not me, I was just a bridesmaid and I wasn't the one who got ripped off. 

The rooms-we did the interior, 6 aft. It smelled like wet towels the entire time, which complimented the faint sewer smell in the hallway nicely.  Wallpaper is peeling, bathroom was rusty, and the toilet was a crap shoot (haha) on whether it would flush or not.  Showering was a blast, I am tall...try shaving your legs!!! The bed is hard as a rock. I did not really sleep the entire trip, my husband however slept like a baby, but he's in the military and can sleep anywhere.  We visited our friend's various rooms and they are all the same...old, smelly, and blah.  We only saw our steward at check in, which was fine with us.  He left us the cute little towel sculptures every day, but I never did get that bucket of ice or diet coke 4 days later, oh well. 


Food-This is a sore subject for me.  Again, husband with the iron stomach had no issues. I however got ill from everything I ate on that boat.  Something just did not sit with me well.  Dining room food is decent for most items (must get the lava cake!!!), they took off the lobster tail for elegant night but you can of course buy one for 20 bucks. Guy's Burger Joint was AWESOME!! Lido buffet-avoid avoid.  It's gross. 


Drinks-we did the Cheers program, and for us it was worth not having to worry about an unpredictable bill at the end of the cruise. The bartenders were so friendly and made great drinks. 


Things to do-they have the usual Carnival spiel...Dive in Movies, Trivia, Karaoke, etc..We enjoyed what we did.  Tried to hang by the pool many times but there were so many wild kids running around it was not that relaxing-I like the other boats with the adult only areas much better.  Also holding up the pool hanging out was the sea of deck chairs with towels on them holding spots but no humans actually in the deck chair.  Not worth getting in a fight over, but I find that so annoying.  We did a little gambling and laughed at the hundreds of people losing money in the grab $2500 claw machine.  Be warned the casino is extremely smoky and I brought home a fabulous case of bronchitis from it! 


Service-this is a budget cruise line, I did not go in expecting to be treated like royalty so no issues there.  I found all of the staff we encountered to be very friendly and kind and going above and beyond...surely to make up for the horrible condition this boat is in.  


Getting off in Cozumel-easy peasy.  Get off the boat at 7am and avoid the rush.  Also run past the 10 (not kidding) Carnival photographers, there's no reason for it because are you really going to pay $22 for ONE picture?? Nah. If by chance you ever find it on that wall of pictures, take a pic with your phone and call it a day. We did Nachi Cocom day beach resort and had the time of our lives!!! Wish we could have stayed for 2 days!


Speaking of those photos-why on earth are they still doing that print and search nonsense?? I mean if you do actually find your pictures, they are not worth $22 a piece!! They need to get with the times and do a photo pass thing like Disney does.  Flat rate you get them all in digital format, boom done.  I cannot fathom how much money they waste printing pictures that just end up in the trash.  


Bottom line, this is a cheap cruise and you get what you pay for, so if you go in with that knowledge you'll be fine.  Don't go in expecting luxury anything because it just does not exist on that boat. It's old, it's dirty, it smells funny, and the food is like a floating Golden Corral.  Enjoy it for what it is, bring your Pepto and Tums and you'll be fine! 

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Carnival Triumph Carnival Triumph - New thing is the pool and slide are open and ready to walk as soon as you get on the ship, way before they set sail. Take advantage of that and carry on swim stuff so you don't miss out before it gets so crowded it's not fun anymore.

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