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Carnival Fantasy

October 2014 - Carnival Fantasy to Caribbean - Bahamas

Carnival Fantasy Cruise

We've always had nothing but praise for Carnival, but this was the worst cruise experience we have ever had.  The food was not up to par and the choices were not as good as they usually are.  My moms room steward was not up to par, the show, however, was great.  The most frustrating was debarkation.  It was the most disorganized mess and bottleneck of people I have ever seen.  The person that was in charge of the wheelchair, handicapped departure was very rude and finally got into a very ugly confrontation with my mother.  I'm not sure about you, but no one yells at my 66 soft spoken mother, especially when you have already been rude to her and cannot understand that you have one of their rental wheelchairs and all you need is someone to push him off and bring the wheel chair back.  She was told they went by zones so we patiently waited until he said he was on zone 5.  Another very rude walked up to him and said he was tired of waiting, he was zone 20, it was a man and he was very ugly, did he tell him he would have to wait, not the next group that returned was immediately told to get him off, my mom asked why they were put before us and he starts screaming at her that she is going to get off the ship and that was all that mattered, it didn't matter when, and she said they are 20, we are 5, and we have been here 2 hours and they just got here, he again looked like he was going to hit her and proceeded to scream at her as the other people were leaving, I told you, you would get off and that's all that matters then proceeded to tell one of the waiter staff to remove his hands from the wheelchair that he had just brought up and put them on my step dads chair and get him off the ship, the waiter just looked at him and he said do you not understand english, get your hands off that chair, put them on this one and push him off.  I don't like the way he talked to my mom or to the other employee, it was uncalled for and did not look very good on Carnival's part. 

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