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Carnival Glory

May 2014 - Carnival Glory to Caribbean - Eastern

Very Good Cruise

This was my fifth cruise with Carnival. Everything was great as usual, but I can see on this cruise all the cut backs that Carnival has done since I first started cruising with them.Things like the complimentary items they use to leave in the bathrooms. Only a small traveling toothpaste. But that was ok I brought my own. I can see the cut backs on some of the food on the Lido deck, also ok that way I didn't eat everything in site. :-) The entertainment on the Lido deck didn't seem like they had as much as I've seen on my past cruises. My only real complaint was the DJ in the club, I think he needs to play more of a variety of music I understand he was playing what the majority of his crowed wanted to hear but he needs to take DJ lessons from the DJ on the Dream. I went on the Dream a year ago and that DJ knew how to be versatile with his music he played music for all ages and all cultures. There was never a moment that he didn't have a crowed on the dance floor whether  it was in the club, Lido Deck, or one of the Lounges. When all else fails play a line dance and that'll get people on your dance floor/dance deck. Dr. E was great! he was funny and very entertaining. Our three waiters in the dining room Jeyrold, Iketu, and Virdjima were great they worked very hard and as always gave us great service. I really enjoyed Guy's Burgers and the Burrito's on the Lido deck. I normally don't eat Hamburger's, Hot Dogs, or Pizza on my cruises but this was the first time I had Guy's burgers and it made eating a hamburger a cruise a whole new experience. That was a one of the best idea's Carnival came up with to add Guy's burgers to their ships.All the food on the Lido deck was good to me. I don't know if the week I sailed the ship wasn't full but I didn't feel like I had to wait long on any of the lines for anything, food, customer service, gift shops, and leaving and reboarding the ship. I did notice that there wasn't as many shows after dinner as there use to be but the ones I did see I did enjoy. I enjoyed all the ports we stopped at no complaints there. Yes I would recommend this cruise. Oh I just want to comment on a previous review I saw of the person who sailed the same week as me. May 4, 2014 Yes your correct they needed to be a little more clear about the tender in half moon cay that accommodated the wheel chairs and scooters. My nephew who's in a fold wheel chair traveled with us and we thought at first he couldn't get off the ship at that port but when we passed the elevators and heard a crew member telling someone else in a wheel chair that there was a tender with a ramp for the wheel chairs we knew then he could get off the ship. Then we heard an announcement that gave special instructions for the chairs. So there was two announcements that I know of that gave special instructions for the wheel chairs.

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Grand Turk Island - Great! My favorite stop on this cruise, the beach and pool area was croweded because there were 2 ships in port that day but I still had a vey very nice time. I like the fact that you had a choice of beach or pool and it was all very close to the ship.Plenty of entertainment by the pool if you like that kind of stuff. Bar DJ and music shopping all just steps away from the ship.
San Juan, Puerto Rico - 3rd time there with Carnival only walked around and shopped, weather wasn't to great that day
Carnival Glory Carnival Glory - Go to the Lido Deck for breakfast I think the breakfast food on the Lido deck is better then the breakfast food in the dining room

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