265 Zuiderdam Tips


Mar 15, 2019

Pick a different ship!!!


Mar 02, 2019

I am a smoker and this ship's smoking area was to small for the number of smokers onboard. I was on the Niew Amsterdam Alaska cruise 2 years ago and that ship had more and larger smoking areas. That ship had better overall layout and appeared newer than the Ziuderdam. Advice would be: if you are a smoker do not pick the Zuiderdam for a cruise.


Feb 22, 2019

Holland is geared to an older crowd. Did not matter to me since with my ex-wife. Not for singles, unless older age group.


Feb 19, 2019

On days you don't want a late dinner, schedule an earlier time as soon as possible.


Feb 09, 2019

Do not miss Lincoln Center Stage.


Feb 07, 2019

Excellent service and accomodations at a price for an older crowd


Jan 31, 2019

Be sure you're not the next to last cabin aft. Bed shakes from engine vibes & thrusters


Jan 30, 2019

Do not get the Romantic Voyage Package (see summary)


Jan 23, 2019

Expect an older crowd, great service and a laid back atmosphere.


Jan 19, 2019

Near but not too near the elevators is a must. There is small hall on either side of front bank of elevators so walk by fewer rooms to get to the elevator. Less walking is so important on a cruise.


Jan 13, 2019

if you have allergies AVOID this ship


Jan 09, 2019

The bar behind the Casino was a great find.


Jan 09, 2019

Find a different ship as this one is tooo old


Jan 08, 2019

If you take the better insurance offered for your cruise & you are unable to go on a Holland America tour because of health issues no matter how minor you will receive a refund.


Jan 08, 2019

This really applies to all ships. If you are flying home from Europe plan to fly the day after docking. Removes a lot of stress & provides some time in the disembarkation port. Also there is no need to rush off of the ship & there is time to have breakfast in the dining room.


Jan 05, 2019

Near but not too near the elevators is a must.


Dec 30, 2018

Utilize the dining room for breakfast & lunch when possible.


Dec 19, 2018

be mentally prepared to hang out with senior citizens and embrace their wisdom and life experience. It's was different from past cruises.


Dec 09, 2018

Don’t take shore excursions through Holland American

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