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Apr 06, 2020

If Brian and Jackie are still at BILLBOARD ONBOARD do not miss their show! They are literally the best duo we have heard on all of our cruises!


Mar 20, 2020

if you want to be confortable get cabins that are big, if they have two bedrooms and a living room got for it.. You'll be more comfortable.. Small rooms for people with handicaps are not worth going.


Mar 13, 2020

Don’t! It’s a very boring ship I’m guessing due to a poor cruise director? I hope the rest of Holland Line isn’t this bad.


Mar 11, 2020

Don't expect a huge variety in activities or menu.


Mar 11, 2020

Slacks for dinner. Leave good Bermuda shorts at home


Feb 11, 2020

Take advantage of the main dining room meals, they are outstanding! If you would like to see more foods offered in the evenings (after 8:30pm), please let Holland America know this! Most people we talked to on our cruise were a bit upset that they did not have snacks or something to eat in the evening hours).


Feb 04, 2020

Be prepared for a very old crowd


Feb 04, 2020

Don’t expect too much and you will be fine. It was a good cruise just nothing too exciting.


Feb 03, 2020

Rent a Cabana for your cruise- they pamper you with champagne 🍾 Chocolate covered strawberries 🍓 and will get you anything you like - our cabana boys were so amazing and on top of anything we needed.. plus you stay out of the masses fighting for deck chairs


Feb 03, 2020

Bring books to read to deal with boredom.


Jan 26, 2020

It is an older ship, but still amazing. The staff was extremely friendly.


Jan 25, 2020

Do not expect a lot of entertainment, great cruise for the geriatric generation. Not a party boat


Jan 13, 2020

The ship was decorated so beautifully for the holiday season.


Jan 06, 2020

Don't take it until management changes.


Jan 06, 2020

Make sure you know about your cabin brofre you get on board and that it is cleaned.


Jan 05, 2020

Overall I think this is a cruise for older adults except that in exchange for less to do, I want better food and better entertainment. I cannot recommend this cruise. We were a group of high school, college age, 40s, 50s and 70s. Only the one set of parents in 40s who never cruised before would recommend. We did have fun but I believe another ship would have been better suited for our group and could have offered more activities, less upwelling and better food.


Dec 31, 2019

Simple ship to navigate, very uncrowded.


Dec 31, 2019

TRIED TO USE SMALL PLATE AT BUFFET server threw plate and started yelling at me be careful


Dec 30, 2019

make sure to check out the Crowd Nest for a spectacular view.

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