265 Zuiderdam Tips


Dec 08, 2012

You get more information logging onto the ship's website and reading the cheeky captain's log that is posted rather than wait for announcements.


Mar 11, 2013

Avoid this ship until it is completely refurbished and possibly owned by another company.


Jul 20, 2013

The Bistro was our dinner destination every night. Big selection, lots of food and the staff we're sooo nice.


Aug 23, 2013

We very much enjjoyed the quiet, privacy, no rush food and service at the Pinnacle Grill and t in contrast the immediate choices and variety available at Ledo.


Mar 12, 2013

Never go to the Lido deck on any ship unless you like juggling your food while looking for a seat. Then when you set your stuff down to go get coffee the staff cleans the spot. It is a horrible way to wake up. We always have sit down meals or order room service.


Mar 15, 2019

Pick a different ship!!!


Nov 03, 2013

We were in a forward veranda cabin and did not lose our air! Ship is easy to get around. Schedule open seating. It was great, we never waited and were able to plan our days around what we wanted, not our meals.


Nov 15, 2013

clean, well managed, friendly, professional, fun, abundance of good food & food choices


Nov 30, 2013

Enjoy breakfast on your verandah. Very invigorating!


Jan 26, 2014

Pretty well liked everything except for the cold air conditioning. Not near enough lounges by the back pool.


Feb 20, 2014

We loved the dining room for breakfast and also in room service. We enjoyed wine and cheese platters on our veranda, several afternoons. Also early in room breakfasts were delivered on time and hot. I do not drink coffee, but my husband said it was excellent . Juice was good.


Feb 26, 2014

Would have preferred earlier dinner time


Mar 26, 2014

The quality of the food and the service on the Lido deck was GREAT.


Apr 03, 2014

Room service in the morning had very fast delivery time


Aug 04, 2014

Cockroaches c'mon clean your ship already


Nov 02, 2014

If you travel on this ship first, it will seem okay. But go on a newer ship (possibly another cruise line) and you will see the difference for yourself.


Dec 01, 2014

If you want to see the same ports go on another cruise line.


Dec 02, 2014

We found an area of the ship which had a classical violinists and pianist, they were fantastic. We are not normally a classical type of couple but we went to listen and request songs just about every day of the cruise we loved the relaxing time and after dining coffee drinks.


Jan 05, 2015

If you are looking for a boat with an older crowd (average age was probably 50ish), this is the boat for you. There were very few children and absolutely no out of control teenagers. It was a pleasant, relaxing, and peaceful cruise.

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