144 Zaandam Tips


Feb 06, 2017

Study and plan your tours or know a little about the stops before you arrive. Some tours can be picked up when you arrive by local taxis or vans.


Feb 10, 2017

Bring a flashlight for your cabin- very dark! Bring a three pronged 11V outlet for your phone charging etc. Nice to have satellite internet; it worked well for emails, etc, but way too pricey @ approximately 40 cents/minute depending upon the plan.


Mar 02, 2017

Port side if you leave from Chile is best for viewing scenery.


Apr 30, 2017

Be aware....to get to deck 5 dining room stay on deck 5 from forward or midshipmen. Otherwise, there's a block which makes you go up and down extra stairs.


Jun 05, 2017

Sale in the warm parts of the years....room uncomfortably cold entire cruise. both came home sick as dogs from being so cold


Jun 08, 2017

Buy the ticket at the last minute would be much cheaper. Make sure take warm jacket and rain coat with you for glaciers.


Jun 15, 2017

When you board the ship, find out what is scheduled for that day. We came upon a raffle being held in the Gym while just walking around. Although we were too late to put our name in the raffle, we were able to pick up a promotional card for a discounted massage and facial session-- wonderful!


Jun 17, 2017

Hire a translator. These folks don't speak english


Jul 04, 2017

Read all of the "When & Where" flyers you get each night and highlight all of the activities for the next day.


Jul 11, 2017

Fun piano bar. Skip Pinnacle grill. Canelletos is great. Make sure your room is not below a common area.


Aug 27, 2017

Old ship needing renovations. Outstanding.


Sep 10, 2017

Like all cruise ships they are trying to get you to buy stuff. Don;t buy a watch or jewelry.


Sep 13, 2017

Disregard advice on Pinterest about needing to provide more storage for the room. I had brought a shoe organizer to hang in the bathroom; ended not using it. I also brought magnets to hang things but never needed it. The steward brought me an extension cord so I also didn't need the outlet I brought with me.


Sep 16, 2017

Get ready to eat al lot of good food all of the time.


Mar 24, 2019

Be prepared for the age of the ship.


Oct 23, 2017

It's a smaller ship, so there is a greater chance of seeing the same people often, and getting to know them better.


Nov 19, 2017

Enjoy this beautiful ship and all it offers you.


Dec 19, 2017

Wait until the ship has been re-done!


Dec 29, 2017

Don't go on it if you want to go around Cape Horn.

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