273 Westerdam Tips


Jul 12, 2019

upgrade if you can. there are more perks to it. Check your daily bills and have anomalies addressed. it seems like they engineer the bills to add on what you should not be billed for. be careful and vigilant!


Jul 12, 2019

Be sure to book your reservations on line prior to sailing for the Pennicale Grill on the Westerdam. As soon as we got on board, we went to make our reservations for that week and they were already booked solid. We were very dissapointed.


Jul 05, 2019

Reserve your specialty restaurants as soon as you can on line before you sail


Jul 04, 2019

Book a onger trip as you will enjoy every minute.


Jul 03, 2019

Unless you are tolerant to a much older crowd, many who are barely ambulatory I would not recommend cruising with Holland America.


Jul 02, 2019

Be polite. I saw way to many rude people. They feel they are above the staff. We’re all human. No ones worth is more than another’s.


Jun 30, 2019

Take advantage of shore excursions!


Jun 10, 2019

We liked our main floor 1. Good location to get to the entertainment and dining rooms.


Jun 09, 2019

Take advantage of all the side trips! They were amazing!


Jun 09, 2019

Relax and enjoy being pampered.


Jun 02, 2019

Get to know ship layout on advance to have idea of venue locations.


May 28, 2019

Bring a lanyard for your key card and a waterproof backpack for excursions in case it rains.


May 28, 2019

Bring a waterproof small backpack and lanyard for your cruise card


Mar 09, 2019

Treadmills only have news shows...no movies available.


Feb 21, 2019

Don't sail on this ship. Instead of starting off relaxing, it's frustrating trying figure things out....not just our opinion. Others feel the same.


Jan 19, 2019

The suite experience is a must.


Jan 07, 2019

Be friendly, be polite, say hello, meet as many as your fellow passengers as you can..be thankful to the staff who go out of their way to make your trip a success.


Dec 23, 2018

Provide evening shows at least a few times through out the cruise. It was boring at night with no entertainment. We walked out of the performances after watching for a few minutes because they were so bad!


Dec 02, 2018

Get a private cabana for the duration. You wont regret it

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