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Thomson Dream is a ship, carrying 1508 passengers and 600 crew, and sails from .

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4 out of 5

We loved this cruise. It... by zoe1986

Sail Date: /
We loved this cruise. It was the first one we've been on and we weren't disappointed. We picked the Aegean Shores as we wanted to visit a different place each day, and we both love the Greek island. We were on deck 6, right next to the stairs and lift. Perfect. We are at the buffet each night as the vegetarian option in the other restaurants were limited and we were happy not to have to dress up each night. We were exhausted by the end with all the walking and tourist things we did. The only problem we had was the laundry. They had an offer on which we decided would be a good idea and we were on an cruise and stay. Unfortunately, most of the clothes we send has been shrunk, all new for the holiday too. They said in their T&cs shrinkage isn't covered so we're left well out of pocket having to replace the clothes. Other than that, best holiday we've had.

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4 out of 5

Beautiful and fabulous cruise by Tallulah47

Sail Date: / Traveled As: Couple
Fabulous....would do it again....found it quite exhausting visiting so many Islands but we'll worth it.. just need a few days chilling on a sunbed now.....the history and views wereally wonderful and loved some of the quaint gift shops on some of the you a taster as to whether you would like to visit for longer.

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3 out of 5

My wife and I have... by GlynB

Sail Date: /
My wife and I have just returned from 2 weeks aboard the Dream and had an amazing holiday. The places we visited were eye openers especially Slovenia, Venice, Marmaris Santorini, Croatia, and the ship and staff are great. Although the ship is showing its age, it is kept clean by an amazingly hard working group of staff, they cannot be praised highly enough, from housekeeping to waiting staff and barstaff. The entertainment team are absolutely brilliant and so hardworking. As I say the ship is showing its age and I probably wouldn't return to it with newer ships available from Thomson, and here lies my biggest problem, while on the whole the holiday was very good, I have issues with Thomson themselves, if you say it's all inclusive, then make it so. Make ALL drinks included, as some are not, believe it or not bottled water is not included ? anything but a bog standard tea or coffee is extra, why should you pay an extra £50 per person per week, on top of all inclusive price to get bottled water, Cappuccino, Archers, decent Brandies, all drinks snacks in cabins are chargeable, they are constantly try to get you to pay extra for anything and everything onboard, bridge visits during sailaways(£14 a head), no included visits to specialist restaurants onboard(£18 a head), photographer in your face every time you leave ship (£10 a photo), turn a corner near a bar each evening and they are there. Top class all inclusive hotels are just that ALL INCLUSIVE ! including everything above. I think it will be a good while before I cruise with Thomson again, if I ever do, which is a shame as I have never had a problem with any of their hotel holidays 😢

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3 out of 5

I got off yesterday and... by jazenmaatzer

Sail Date: /
I got off yesterday and im not too sure if i would like to come back again. The ship on the inside was beautiful and was well looked after with staff working around the clock to make sure the ship was up to standard. The outside areas were lacking, though. The pool areas were very big and had lots of sunbeds every day. You could go down to the pool at 2-3pm and still find empty sunbeds. Sadly, those areas were extremely dirty. Both pools were pretty gross and i tended not to go in the pools after 2 or 3 pm because they were never cleaned throughout the day so they were quite dirty. The handrails inside and outside were sticky and dirty and quite disgusting. Food in the Lido, Sirens and Orion were boring and had little choice. Some nights there would be 5 salads as starters and 1 different option. It was all very samey. Food in Mistrals was amazing but it couldnt compare to the food i had in Kora La on the Discovery last year. The cabin steward was amazing and kept our cabin spotless, i just felt bad because the bathroom was so grimy with mould but he didnt have enough time available to fix it as im sure other cabins were similar. Shows were similar to others on other ships and often repeated, but otherwise good. Entertainment teams were terriffic. There was one major incident that makes me not want to come back. We came to our cabin at around 11pm to an unpleasant smell of sewage. It got worse throughout the night and by midnight we had to go into our daughters' room because the smell was so bad. We complained to reception but there were no spare cabins and the problem would be fixed soon. After 3 very uncomfortable hours of 4 people sharing a double bed, we retreated back to our cabin to sleep back in our room where the smell was still lingering and the toilet was unuseable. This problem was never fixed, our toilet, and daughters toilet still smelled for the duration if our cruise. I know in the past that thus ship was on watchdog for its plumbing but that was 7 years ago, i thought it wouldve been fixed by now...

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4 out of 5

Our first cruise in may... by

Sail Date: /
Our first cruise in may on dream for Adriatic explorer and loved every minute well almost over did it first night so missed big chunk of second day least it was a sea day I suppose the ship is an old lady but it's clean food and drink good what more u wanting and was great atmosphere on board defo go back on her any day

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  • Total Passengers: 1508

  • Total Crew: 600

  • Crew to Passenger Ratio: 2.51

  • Built: Feb 1986

  • Number of Decks: 9

  • Total Cabins: 0

  • Cabin Categories: 0

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Farningham2 says ...
Nov 04, 2017

Loved the ship its old but right up there cruised this year an booked for next year there are always people who moan just to try to get money back ,just go an enjoy the ship you wont be disappointed ,i cant wait to go back Sailed with them 3 times 2 with Destony an once with Dream then 2018 Dream ag

Tallulah47 says ...
Oct 23, 2017

Be patient with the lifts...

Apr 30, 2017

Enjoy, don't listen to negative comments from others, check it out yourself.