467 Symphony of the Seas Tips


Jul 03, 2018

Keep you eyes open for fun pop up events around the ship. We especially loved the surprise of the piano player who was jamming in the elevator one evening. We rode the elevator for several songs. Good times.


Jul 16, 2018

Always have your Seapass on you!


Jul 20, 2018

Get ready to walk alot - it's big!


Jul 22, 2018

So many wonderful things to do, so little time


Jul 22, 2018

(1) Get onboard EARLY and spend time getting to know the ship. (2) Get the wristbands if you plan on spending a lot of time in the pool. VERY efficient and easy to use. (3) Carry your SeaPass Card with you as well when you can because sometimes it's easier to use or there's something you'll want to do where having your card is easier (4) Book reservations for the shows you want to see prior to online check-in and your anytime dining time as well. If you don't do this online before you board, visit guest services the day you board to set up everything. :)


Jul 30, 2018

Plan ahead and use TripAdvisor for some things to do at ports also.


Aug 02, 2018

Don't expect great service, from bar staff, casino dealers, HORRIBLE.


Aug 05, 2018

Not necessary to buy the es es escursions in the ship since they are extremely expensive compared when you buy them outside the cruise.


Aug 06, 2018

Nice room! Great ship, very clean because it is brand new.


Aug 11, 2018

Unless you like really sweet drinks, don't expect good drinks from the bionic bar. However, it is still fun to experience once.


Aug 12, 2018

It can get crowded at meal times, I would suggest eating off popular times and or booking reservations. We also loved eating at the park cafe for lunches.


Aug 14, 2018

Take time to explore this massive vessel.


Aug 15, 2018

Book it and enjoy. We sailed on the Harmony last year also.


Aug 21, 2018

Si van a tomar más de 4 bebidas al día, Cojer el pack de bebidas.


Aug 22, 2018

don't do it. book the allure instead


Sep 02, 2018

If you're hungry when you board, head to Central Park. The Park Central Cafe is overlooked by many on embarkation day. Good place to have a quiet lunch.


Sep 02, 2018

Deck 7 is straight from the bow to stern of the ship. Interesting to go to the front and look aft toward aqua theater. Gives you a sense of how large the ship is.


Sep 02, 2018

There is quick access to deck 7 (staterooms) from stairs adjacent to the aquatheater (either side). Avoids going through public areas and elevators.


Sep 03, 2018

Check out sunsets at the back of Deck 5. Some loungers right by the running track are usually quiet.

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