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Fouuuuuuurrrr!!! Oh wait, it''s only Cybergolf - sorry if you dove out of the way for no reason. Don''t let that swing get rusty - practice while at sea in this cool venue.

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1 out of 5

by Cnote88 on January 24, 2018

Closed the whole time and could never find a staff member to try it out. No signs to say if out of order or not and nothing in the Patter each night to say hours or situation, etc.

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Deck Chess

Queen''s rook to pawn''s... ummm... I give up. Combine chess with cruising in this outdoor gaming area. Instead of saying check mate, make sure to say ship mate!

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by Cnote88 on January 24, 2018

Very exciting for my son who grew in his love for chess playing by the open ocean. Just watch out for rude kids walking through your game :)

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Princess Links

Go beyond the driving net. Address the ball on the Princess Links, a computerized golf center with mini-golf and virtual reality games.

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by Pcch on May 27, 2018

Get messages quickly with friends and family members and the cruise.

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Shuffle Board

Come up to this deck to show off your shuffling skills... and if you don''t play so well, just blame it on the waves.

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