8 Silver Whisper Tips


Oct 25, 2019

Relax and enjoy the subtle sophistication of the ship!


Jun 24, 2019

Prepare yourself for communication styles with staff from diverse cultures. Learn about courtesies with various cultures to improve your inquiries.


Nov 13, 2018

get as far back & as high up as you can. the waves & noise are horrible in front


Oct 04, 2017

Take a turn in La Champagne restaurant; it was a wonderful dining experience.


Nov 09, 2016

When booking shore excursions, they do not let you know about how HORRIBLE the road is in Dominica. After the trip to the Plantation, I had to get a massage , and use pain relievers. They should have had a health warning for people with back or neck problems , as I have seen on other cruises.


Dec 13, 2013

The restaurant at night by the pool was pretty cool where you cook your meal yourself on the hot stones.


Aug 01, 2013

If looking for lowest price cabin they are on Deck 4 - do not book 437 or 439 because, even though they are right behind the main restaurant, have to take elevator or stairs up to Deck 5 and then come down another elevator or stair to get to the restaurant. Breakfast at La Terasse is a super buffet.

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