30 Seven Seas Explorer Tips


Sep 15, 2019

Don't expect a theme park experience Very elegant, but casual ship. Enjoy meeting the other travelers, many who have traveled the world!


Jul 15, 2019

Relax and enjoy the trip.


Jun 04, 2019

Book the specialty restauraunts before you start your cruise.


Jan 28, 2019

Don't pack any formal clothes it is Smart Casual all the time in the evenings


Jan 10, 2019

Treat people the way you want to be treated. The staff make the cruise


Jan 09, 2019

Be careful of the steps in the Constellation Theater, they're hard to see.


Jan 08, 2019

Get to know the staff as they will look after you


Nov 12, 2018

Expect to be pampered by an incredible staff.


Sep 27, 2018

Do Not miss the time your bus will return you to the ship. Some excursions take you far afield.


Sep 18, 2018

They have free self service laundry so you do not have to pack as many clothes as normal.


Jul 23, 2018

This is not a tip but an observation, we had asked for Harmless Harvest Coconut water in the cabin. You provided some other brand of coocnut water which was not drinkable. Why did you not fulfil a simple request? It does not a fraction of the cost of the alcohol you provide to your guests.


Jun 02, 2018

Try not to compare it to other sailings that have longer times in port


May 23, 2018

Great ship and the food in Compass Rose restaurant is superb


Apr 13, 2018

Be prepared to be graciously pampered!


Mar 24, 2018

The coffee cafe is a nice comfortable place to read a book and enjoy coffee and the beautiful spread they have available.


Mar 24, 2018

Be sure to go to the embarkation port day ahead to be sure you are able to board the first day.


Mar 24, 2018

Lose some weight before you start the cruise. You will gain it all back and more with the wonderful food choices.


Dec 11, 2017

Bring a sweater to the lectures in the theatre. It can get very cool.


Oct 27, 2017

Be Prepared to be Pampered. The WiFi was not the best.

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