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Surf the Internet while you're skimming the high seas. This cafe offers wireless access and computer terminals, in addition to gourmet coffee drinks, pastries, and more.

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by crazy4apples

Went there twice for assistance. Both times the guy who helped me was extremely rude.

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by jimmybga

The cafe was nice but the on line option was very had to use. I had 150 minutes when I arrived. I signed on twice for about 5 minutes each. When I tried to sign on the third time, all my minutes had expired. The sign-off was difficult.

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by CalifCruisin

There was never personel there to assist if you had login problems.

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by BigMerk57

Nice area and usually quiet. I sat and watched glaciers for a while from here while in Glacier Bay. On our first night, the IT guy on duty was very helpful in getting my iPad and phone connected to the Princess App (which is great) and to the WiFi package I had pre-purchased. The WiFi was never a problem - although I was mainly only sending and receiving emails. The packages are better value than paying per minute, but it’s pricey either way. So compose and read your emails offline and only connect to send/receive them.

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