488 Royal Princess Tips

Feb 08, 2020

The elevators are small..just get on no matter how unhappy the faces are when the door opens..if not you could be in for a long wait

Feb 08, 2020

All the food is located aft of the ship so a mid ship cabin would be best

Feb 04, 2020

Do your homework about the places and things you want to do on board.

Feb 02, 2020

Try room service though the medallion app. It’s a great and easy experience.

Jan 29, 2020

Get to shows early and bring a book or game while you wait. If you show up 15 to 20 min before show time could be full.

Jan 28, 2020

Their robes are one size fits most...but only if you are small/thin.

Jan 27, 2020

Beautiful detailing, sad most don’t notice

Jan 21, 2020

Make sure to be Ocean ready with the Medallion.

Jan 21, 2020

The food and drink service staff really make an effort to focus on the customer and develop a good rapport with them

Jan 20, 2020

Orient yourself as to which side is port and which side is starboard before you get on the elevator.

Jan 15, 2020

Wear comfortable walking shoes - she is a BIG ship

Jan 15, 2020

Make reservations for specialty dining early because they were fully booked by the third day.

Jan 15, 2020

Get on early to book sanctuary and chef’s dinner

Jan 15, 2020

Always pack less, you won’t need it, and if you do, they have it!

Jan 14, 2020

There is minimal to no bar service in the show room; if you’d like a drink, be sure to grab one on your way in!

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