490 Royal Princess Tips


Jul 19, 2020

Ensure it cruises and you are on it.


Mar 14, 2020

Enjoy the sea walk, the water fountain show, the entertainment is great and move around a bit to try different dining venues!


Mar 09, 2020

Take the Ultimate Ship Tour if you’ve never done it before. Book right when you get on the ship. Also book the Sanctuary. You won’t be disappointed.


Mar 09, 2020

If you are looking for a party, this is not it. Leave it for the 60+ crowd


Mar 07, 2020

Book your excisions before you arrive, otherwise you may not do the one thing you expected on your visit to a port. If you have been there before, you can just venture out on your own. If you feel nervous about being in a foreign country, stick with an excursion that offers the activity you love and round trip transportation.


Mar 07, 2020

Keep in mind the average age is probably 60, some in 30’s, there were over 1,000 over 70, it’s not a party ship


Mar 03, 2020

When making announcements could you please have someone do it without having a heavy accent, we could not understand half of the announcements!


Mar 03, 2020

Don’t get too friendly with the staff. You may be assaulted!


Mar 03, 2020

very nice ship, fair pricing and the crew is fun


Mar 02, 2020

Great ship. Get out and enjoy the ship.


Mar 01, 2020

All of the main passenger area access is on one side of deck 7, this can be crowded at times. I recommend booking a cabin further back in the ship, the elevators are less crowded.


Feb 21, 2020

Don’t miss afternoon tea! The spa specials in port days are quite excellent!


Feb 17, 2020

The Royal is a beutiful ship and in keeping with the Princess no gimmicky style of cruising. The Medallion service is more bother than value. I will be avoiding Medallion serviced cruises to give Princess time to iron out the bugs.


Feb 16, 2020

There is not much fun cruise or entertainment as carnival. Princess need to have more fun options, better enterainment other then old stuff🤣😀


Feb 15, 2020

Dont feel like you have to participate in all the activities. It's your time to relax. There is a lot to do but take time to enjoy the downtime.


Feb 14, 2020

Take it easy and have fun. I didn’t get to do as much but I still was happy and had a relaxing time.


Feb 12, 2020

Just enjoy yourself and have fun.

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