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Choose from a wide variety of choices at specialty stations including the Breadboard, Wild Harvest, the Homestead, Distant Lands, Sweet Spot, Market Central and more.

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by marj1j

No variation in ice cream flavors, and limited hours for ice cream. They did have toppings and waffle cones, though some toppings were out often. Gluten free items ran out quick for popular things like cakes and muffins. Gluten free pancakes were inedible. Not much choices for dairy free desserts. Sorbet only in the dining room, and not every night. Limited selection of dairy free milks: rice, soy, and almond when they had it. Gluten free line is the same line as ice cream so a long wait and lunch and dinner to get something. Breakfast only had 1 line open on early morning port days resulting in long waits. Did have delicious donuts! Waffle line was rough since it shares a line with crepes and oatmeal. Also often out of toppings. Worth the wait sometimes to get a cinnamon or chocolate waffle with nutella.

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by Avidcruiserz

Was good especially the bread on this ship. Who ever is your bread baker give them a raise....amazing!

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by 4Harvickfan

Good food for a buffet. We really loved the fried fish and fries. I loved the pasta station that they had on the buffet.

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by Retired2021

Was disappointing and needs to change up its menu more, keep the food hot, add more serving staff, and not over or under cook the food. Overall I did not enjoy the taste but did enjoy the pork ribs which were not that warm. Bread pudding, apple pie, and chocolate mousse I enjoyed.

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