48 Pacific Princess Tips


May 09, 2014

There are no lines, when you dine on the lido deck, and the only line is if you go to the dinning room early.


Jan 08, 2016

You need to be ok with a more intimate shipboard experience, but I thought that added a special flavor to the trip.


Nov 20, 2015

Only take this ship if you are going somewhere that requires a small vessel. Bring a ton of sunblock and good velcro water shoes. I recommend Keen.


Oct 27, 2014

At times the wait staff in The morning seemed confused in the dining room.


Oct 22, 2015

The staff was very friendly and we'll managed. The ship was the perfect size for the itinerary.


Jan 23, 2016

It's a lovely old ship, very stately in décor and design but a little too dated for my taste.


Nov 20, 2015

Check out the details of your final day and plan ahead.


Jun 01, 2016

This was the first time cruising with Princess and both Jose and I are very impressed with Pacific Princess. We felt like we were among family members and the customer service that we had was spectacular. I already have the itinerary for all of the sailings of PA Princess. We' ll go back again.


Jul 04, 2016

This is Princesses smallest ship. Allows you to get to know other passengers and crew. The smaller ship allows more docking and less tendering in smaller ports


Aug 01, 2016

Try the Chef's table. It was the most amazing experience. It cost $99 per person but you would have pain $400 for a dinner like it. The food was spectacular and the wine good. The dinner also included a gift of a picture of the group and a personal picture with the chef - also a signed $50 cookbook


Sep 16, 2016

Because the ship is small (which is a great quality) there is probably more rocking and rolling than on a bigger ship when seas are rough.


Sep 08, 2016

The small ship is ideal for practically everything: 1) Quick embarkation and disembarkation 2) Always seats available for attending shows 3) No waiting at the food court 4) Small group excursions


Mar 07, 2017

It's been a while (November of 2012) but we absolutely loved this ship and everything about her.


Jun 05, 2017

we enjoyed the size of the ship( small)


May 15, 2017

Remember that it's a smaller ship.


Apr 29, 2019

This has to be the worst ship still sailing the seas !!!


Mar 16, 2018

Since we were on part of a world cruise it gave me an opportunity to evaluate the merits of these since this got me to focusing on the merits and dismerits of booking the entire package if we had chosen to do so. We have never booked a "world cruise". Our longest cruise was one just shy of three months, which was 95% Africa ports. Most likely the reason we haven't booked longer voyages is that by now we have visited just about every port offered on those, many, multiple times. My advice to those just beginning cruising careers, if they can make it work, take a world cruise as soon as you can, that way most ports on the itinerary will involve first visits making the voyage that much more enjoyable. I did note on this voyage over 80% of the guests were taking the entire 111 day world voyage and out of those there were a lot who love to do this time and time again regardless of the number of visits they may have had at the same ports. We met couples that have been on more than five and often they were friends with others that had been on the same voyages. Camaraderie was a big inducement factor. Obviously, cruising is not the same for all, there are many types and variations. However, we see now the world cruise probably isn't for us. We do love sea days and you do get a lot of those on world cruises, which is a plus for us. But It seems to me that the industry is rather coy in describing "world cruises" or "world voyages" as these are somewhat misnomers. The one we were just involved in was indeed a cruise that went all the way around the globe, beginning and ending in Florida. However, to call this a "world cruise" is rather disingenuous. 20 of the 47 ports are all in the Mediterranean, there is no Africa, no South America, no---Indonesia, Asia, Malaysia, Baltic, British Isles, Holy Land, Antarctica or Arctic or much more, most all of it is confined to traditional tourist haunts within the Northern Hemisphere, with the exception of a jaunt down the Pacific to Australia and then back north. One fellow, on his 5th world cruise, told me he was "bored". My preference now would be to get more bang for my buck by booking separate cruises of four or five week durations each, maybe lumping two together as a back to back (B2B).


Apr 28, 2018

A world cruise on the Pacific Princess is special and unique. After 94 days of seeing the world we have made many new friends. This cruise is about the places AND the people!!!

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