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Our three favorite letters are b, a, and r because they spell bar, which is our favorite place. Here you'll find whatever wets your whistle.

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Blue Bar

Located at the very top of the Atrium, this stylish bar is in the heart of the ship. Decorated in hues of blue, intelligent lighting dramatically transforms the space from day to... night. Serving speciality cocktails mixed by expert bartenders, this venue will also offer exclusive champagnes and caviar. more

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Charlie's offers a cool place to relax. An elegant baby grand sets the mood in this stylish champagne bar, as tiny rock-crystal lenses on the ceiling create a glittering starry e... ffect - the perfect compliment the champagne sparkling in your glass. On a typical 14-night cruise aboard Aurora, 650 bottles of champagne are consumed and you can be sure a large percentage of these are enjoyed in Charlie's. more

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Connexions Bar

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Marquee Bar

Grab a refreshing drink as you watch the fabulous shows at the Marquee.

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Splash Bar

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The Oval Bar

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