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Pacific Pearl Bars

Blue Bar

Located at the very top of the Atrium, this stylish bar is in the heart of the ship. Decorated in hues of blue, intelligent lighting dr...

Connexions Bar


Our three favorite letters are b, a, and r because they spell bar, which is our favorite place. Here you'll find whatever wets your whi...


Charlie's offers a cool place to relax. An elegant baby grand sets the mood in this stylish champagne bar, as tiny rock-crystal lenses...

Marquee Bar

Grab a refreshing drink as you watch the fabulous shows at the Marquee.

Splash Bar

The Oval Bar

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Pacific Pearl Casinos

Players Bar & Casino
(1 Review)

Of course there's a bar in the casino. The more lubed up you get, the more liberal you bet. Get a drink and don't forget that mortgag...

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Pacific Pearl Entertainment

The Dome
(1 Review)

The Dome is one of the most spectacular venues at sea, and it has a grand view to go with it!

The Library

The Library is a peaceful escape stocked with best-sellers and informative travel books.

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Pacific Pearl Kid's Areas


HQ and HQ+ are reserved for the younger passnegers onboard. HQ is restricted to cruisers 11-14 years old, while HQ+ is for those 15-17...

Children's Play Area

This outdoor area is the perfect place for small children to play; it's secure, has a roof, and offers access to the Paddling Pool. You...

Fun Zone

Forget your hard hat, this area is zoned for fun: video games, ice cream socials, foosball, pajama parties, and more.

Paddling Pool

The little tykes can start practicing their sea legs at the paddling pool.

Shark Shack/Turtle Cove

These venues are dedicated to P&O's younger passengers. They'll be provided all kinds of entertaining events and will hopefully make l...

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Pacific Pearl Others

Shore Excursions

There's tons to do at shore, and here at the shore excursions area they'll be happy to tell you about the options. Don't forget to als...

Reception Desk
(1 Review)

You will find the Reception desk manned by a team of warm, friendly and caring staff prepared to answer any queries you may have relati...

Cyber Zone

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Pacific Pearl Pools

(1 Review)

Relax and get some rays at the pool area. If it gets too hot, take a quick dip and cool down. Enjoy the music and grab a drink poolsi...

The Oasis
(1 Review)

The Oasis is a great place to get away from the noise and relax with a good book or a friend. Located at the back of the ship, this a...

Hot Tubs

Take a load off - you've had a long day of playing ping pong, shuffleboard, and bingo. Relax those muscles and enjoy the views here in...

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Pacific Pearl Shops

Photo Gallery

You can view the photos that a team of on board professional photographers capture and take home high quality mementoes of your holiday...

Art Gallery

The Gallery will be the perfect setting to view the collection of original works by leading artists. The Gallery’s experts will be on h...

Tax-Free Shop

Taxes are for land-dwellers. Escape the tax man while at sea here at the duty-free shops. Take those extra percentage points straight...

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Pacific Pearl Spa and Fitnesses


A fully equipped gym featuring exercise bikes, steppers, treadmills and free weights, plus innovative Cardio Wave and X-Dream machines....

Medical Centre

While you never want to end up here, it's good to know that it's only a few decks away at all times. The medical center offers a very...

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Pacific Pearl Sports

Aqua Hut

Snorkel equipment is available for hire from the Aqua Hut. This can be taken with you ashore and on your snorkelling shore tour, where...

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