5 Venues

Art Gallery

The Gallery will be the perfect setting to view the collection of original works by leading artists. The Gallery’s experts will be on hand to offer advice, and pieces will be ava... ilable for purchase. more

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Essentials Store

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

At this little shop you'll find personal care items like band aids, sunscreen and also some sweets and candies. Also available in this location is duty free alcohol.

1 Review

5 out of 5

by deconz on December 14, 2017

Good place to buy your last gifts chocolates alcohol or sweets

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Photo Gallery

You can view the photos that a team of on board professional photographers capture and take home high quality mementoes of your holiday. The Photo Gallery can also develop your f... ilm or download your images and print your photos right on board. You can also buy other photographic supplies here including film, photo frames and albums. more

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Tax-Free Shop

Taxes are for land-dwellers. Escape the tax man while at sea here at the duty-free shops. Take those extra percentage points straight to the bank... or casino.

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Tech Store

Grab a gadget or two here at your tech store at sea.

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