Massage / Steam Rooms on Oosterdam

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Soothing salves and warm fabrics set the scene for relaxation and rejuvenation in the massage and steam rooms.

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by Diani

Had 2 massages and they were both very good.

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by schnoor64

they spent a lot of time before and after trying to sell me $200-$500 worth of product and services. This time i believe came out of the 50 minute massage time. My massage was not good. She didnt work on the areas i asked her too. she dawdled getting stones and oil during the massage and once when she wasnt massaging i peeked from under the cloth over my eyes and she was wiping up the floors instead of massaging me. This was a complete rip off. We were going to book a couple of treatments, but after this first one we decided not to waste any more money in the spa.

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