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Tuck into a crazy delicious taco, burrito and more at this casual Mexican eatery.

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by zazz

Not good. My burrito was baked until the tortilla was hard and dried out, I couldn't eat it,I could only scrape out the filling with a fork. Showed the them and they said it was cooked too long? A burrito should be rolled in a warm tortilla? Day 2 ordered tacos, the guy throws 2 tortillas on my plate and they sit like big potato chips, they were stiff. I couldn't get the tortilla to fold around the meat, do they bake the taco tortillas too? Strange thing is tacos are served Chipotle's style, you choose from pre-made meats but the burritos are pre-made pre-wrapped, when I asked them to make me a fresh burrito it was a problem. This place is worse than lets say Moes and chipotle's. The quality of the fillings were low and bland. The Pico de Gallo doeskin come close to when I make it at home, and the fillings dont compare to homemade either and I'm not even Mexican.

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by CruisingAT

This to-go food location is really good! Simple but hits the spot! It’s easy to access if you’re at the pool areas or solarium. We had cheese quesadillas and a bowl of nachos (you get a bowl of chips and get to put any topping you want: quest, chili, guacamole, pico, lettuce, sour cream, hot sauces etc), both were very good. They also have burritos and tacos.

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by wiTallGuy

Excellent quick snack food, especially the pico salsa!

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