1634 Oasis of the Seas Tips


Oct 21, 2021

Spend the money on Star Class. It's awesome!


Oct 21, 2021

The ship is huge. I think it's almost too big. But all of the venues were so much fun and very kid friendly.


Oct 20, 2021

it's a large ship-be prepared for using technology to book restuarants and shows.


Oct 20, 2021

Be prepared to walk a lot! Get a balcony on the ships several bumps (extra roomy). Get a Cappuccinos in park cafe! Deck 5 Aft provides amazing views. Make sure to get your free charm each day in the Eafy (spelling) jewelry shop.


Oct 20, 2021

Relax have fun and just do it!!!


Oct 18, 2021

The moment that you enter the ship drop everything you're doing and connect to the Wi-Fi. This way you can make reservations for early dinner before it's all gone and grab all the shows you can. Otherwise you have a decision to make either dinner or a show but you can't do both. But if you fail to get a show you can always show up 5 minutes before and see if there is an empty seat for you.


Oct 17, 2021

Just be prepared to have the time of your life .... OH, Portside BBQ. Ok seriously, two people can share a platter ..... lol !!!!! That's indeed a Pro Tip. If you THINK your gonna be eating a lot and sampling different food items, really, at most of the restaurants they give you plenty that you can share .. .. ESPECIALLY at Portside..... Lol !! That's just my advice though

Oct 17, 2021

Wait to buy the beverage package. I didn’t know the price changes. When we boarded the ship, we could have gotten buy one get one1/2 off.


Oct 16, 2021

Sale now while there is a reduced # of passengers and no lines!


Oct 14, 2021

Solarium Bistro, reservation required, but free. Great Mediterranean food.


Oct 14, 2021

Check out Deck 8, Park Cafe…. We missed the chance to try their roast beef sandwiches and paninis. So pleasant just sitting up in Central Park area.


Oct 14, 2021

Just relax and enjoy the experience!


Oct 14, 2021

Until they lift the mask mandate, go on Norwegian. Also the beverage package and wifi are outrageous


Oct 13, 2021

If you have trouble walking, either get a motorized scooter or roller skates. You'll need them.


Oct 11, 2021

Take time to explore the first few days. It's HUGE!


Oct 11, 2021

My husband and i love this ship. However, consider your location of your cabin if you travel with the elderly; it's difficult for the older folks to get around. While we went from the regular 2 bedroom to the aqua 2 bedroom, the added distance for a 79 year old woman with a cane was very difficult. We should have stayed with the regular 2 bedroom by the elevator for her convenience.


Oct 11, 2021

Beware the mattress may be too hot to sleep on.


Oct 07, 2021

Enjoy each day on this beautiful ship.

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