Kid's Korner on Norwegian Sun

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Totally zoned for kids, there are places to do arts and crafts, watch movies and play on the computer. There are even quiet corners for the younger crowd to sleep and rest, too.

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by DrunkenTraveler

my son wanted to spend 90% of his time in here. They did make you get him for lunch (12-2) and dinner (5-8) but otherwise they were available resource. RCI would actually let them do dinner with the rest of adventure ocean but other cruise lines do not. I have mixed opinions but my son really loved the two times we let him eat with Adventure Ocean on the Allure of the Seas. That said, any venue where my son doesnt want to leave deserves 5 stars. Esp on a cruise were its open bar and most adults are going to be 3-sheets to the wind before 5pm

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