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Norwegian Sea is a medium ship, carrying 1518 passengers and 630 crew, and sails from .

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3 out of 5

(continued from Day Five and... by BobP6

(continued from Day Five and SixThe last two days we spent hanging around the pool area early, thensunning in the afternoon. We found a quiet, warm and secluded spot on Deck 10, aft. I took to lounge chairs and placed them in front of the glass by the Observatory Lounge. Several others "discovered" this areatoo, and we enjoyed the day in splendid bliss!Cabin Steward and Cabin.Our cabin was located on Deck 3, number 3208. We were forward the front elevators and close to the Kids Playroom. Easy to access the main deck.Our steward's name is Delroy from Jamaica. Hedid a wonderful job with our cabin, and had our room cleaned very quickly. ServiceThe overall service was better than I expected. The only place it wasn'ttoo consistent for us was dinner once in the Four Seasons Restaurant.Most of the bar, cabin and dining staff did a decent job (IMHO). Others will disagree, but our experience was pretty good.EntertainmentThe shows the that the Jean Ann Ryan perform are done very well. Plenty of energy is put into their performances. The singer Donnie Abrahams has a great voice and performed many of the classic type songs. We saw three different comedians (already forgot their names). The two main comedians were a riot, especially their late shows! The band performing at the Stardust Lounge was named "Mind the Gap". They played a good mix of music from the Sixties to present.FreestyleMy one "sore spot" was how poorly this works, at least on this ship. My wife and I enjoy traditional style cruising, but wanted an informal, laid-back cruise for a change. This concept of being able to eat "when you want, where you want and with whom you want" sounded great. The practice of this idea isn't. Three consecutive nights we tried getting a table for "two", once at 6:15, 7:15 and 7:30. We tried both restaurants, which didn't make any difference. We could event get seated for over a half hour (at ANY table)for the first two nights. On the third night (at 6:15), the waiter attempted to seat us a table where 6 people were half-thru their meal! I insisted on a table where others were just being seated too, large or small table. If you're seated within a half-hour of the restaurant openning, you could choosewhere you wanted. This was the same atboth restaurants. You could also choose you seating if you ate after 8:30. Many pax I had spoken with had similar problems with seating.I was NOT a happy-camper!Dining ChoicesThe food quality in both the Seven Seas and Four Seasons was generally good for a mass-market line, but not many choices. The Le Bistro (ate there twice) was very nice, but the menu didn't vary the nights we werethere, plus there isn't a large selection here either. This somewhat surprised me the first night, as there is a $10.00 pp charge. Also, the escargot wasn't very good, but everything else they prepared was verygood. One of our favorite places to eat was the Pasta Cafe. They divided the Big Apple Cafe after 6:00PM into a buffet and Pasta Cafe. Although a small menu, the pasta was terrific, along with the service and ambience.DebarkationNCL claims theirs is seamless, but ours was a mess. We were the second group off. Customs wouldn't allow us to debark until after 10:45, although it was to start around 9:30. OverallThe cruise itself was worth the small price we paid, but freestyle cruising needs major improvement on this ship.Regards...Bob

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4 out of 5

We had a wonderful time!... by PamelaM8

We had a wonderful time! The food was excellent and the service was good! The entertainment was great! There was so much to do. Never a boring time! Thank you so much

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3 out of 5

Ship is old and would... by 282

Ship is old and would not take another cruise on a ship older than five years.Cabins are very small and diffucult to move around in.

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3 out of 5

EMBARKATIONWe boarded a bus in... by BobP6

EMBARKATIONWe boarded a bus in Mount Laurel, NJ around noon and was at the pierbetween 1:30 and 2:00. An NCL rep boarded the bus and quickly mentioned where to go, but many didn't hear her(including us), so looking for the entrance was confusing. There wasn't a rep present to escort the group, so it took a while to find the elevator up to embarkation. When we arrived, I asked where the Latitudes line was, and was guided to it. There were only two people trying to process all the latitude members. The other lines were moving faster than ours, but by the time werealized it, we were among the last to board the ship. This was around 3:00 to 3:15.Day OneWe quickly found our cabin and proceeded directly to the Big Apple Cafe,where lunch was being served. This was the only restaurant open (that's what we were told, anyway), and the lines were unbelievable! We were in line for close to an hour. When the life boat drill was ordered (the only thing on time!), there was probably 100 to 150 people who stayed inline until we had food. Why wife has a gastro condition (we even carrieda few cereal bars on the bus), so it was imperative she ate. We never did get to the "drill". We set sail around 5:00(?), to a beautiful sunny day. It rained on the trip to NYC, but cleared before we sailed. Theaircraft carrier JFK was holding drills with attack heliocopters in theharbor, which was terrific! Seeing this, along with the Statue ofLiberty, Empire State Building, and World Trade Center , certainly mademe proud to be an American, especially with Memorial Day that Monday. Myfather and father-in-law were both Vets, both gone now, and I had a "lump in my throat" and a "tear in my eye" when we viewed the demonstration.Day TwoThe rain finally found us on our first sea day, but it gave us a chance to unwind, unpack and explore the ship. I thought NCL has done a very good job maintaining the ship. There was minimal wear, and the ship was very clean. We ate breakfast each day in the Seven Seas or Four Seasons.The Big Apple Cafe was good for lunch, but the menu didn't vary much and could be crowded if you ate at peak times.Day ThreeThis was also a "sea day", which we lounged around the pool most of the morningand early afternoon. The pool area gets very crowded by 11:00, so if your looking for prime seating, get there early. It was somewhat windy and cool early in the day, so we purchased a couple of NCL sweatshirts.They did the trick quite well.Day ThreeWe docked at Nassau, which we've seen several times previous, so we decided to take the Dolphin Encounter at Blue Lagoon. It was pricy($89 pp), but well worth the look on my wife's face as our dolphin "Stormy" interacted with us and gave us a hug and kiss! The tour lasted aroundthree hours. We spent the rest of the day enjoying the pools and hot-tubs.Day FourThe weather was cooperating since day one, and this was no exception. Tendering to Great Stirrup Cay took around 1/2 hour, from boarding the tender until reaching the island. We managed to get on the secondtender, so getting a great spot was a breeze. If you came late, it was difficult to find a good location. We rented a large float-tube for $15.00 for the whole day.The water was a little chilly when you firstentered, but felt OK after a few seconds. The island itself is laid-out well, with a few small shops, changing facilities, food, rental equipment and beach chairs all within easy walking distance. We enjoy the laid-back, no schedule-type atmosphere on this island.(continued)

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3 out of 5

This cruise was free (except... by KellieM2

This cruise was free (except the losses in the casino) because my husband's company rewarded its employees for a year of hard work. My husband and I have cruised 3 times on Royal Carribbean's ships (Majesty,Sovereign, and Voyager of the Seas)and NCL is old,smelly,and basically lacks in customer service. We were assigned to a smoking room,which reeked of smoke! I became ill and guess what? No other rooms were available. The whole ship seemed to be filled with smoking rooms. People were encouraged to smoke. I mean they were lighting up in elevators! I really disliked the everything about the ship. I am used to clean and delicious buffets, friendly service, fun activities, a large workout facility, and an atmosphere that is overall inviting. I couldn't wait to visit Atlantis in Nassau just to get off this abmoninable ship!! We will stick to the best...RCCL!!

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  • Size: M

  • Total Passengers: 1518

  • Total Crew: 630

  • Crew to Passenger Ratio: 2.41

  • Built: Jan 1988

  • Number of Decks: 10

  • Total Cabins: 0

  • Cabin Categories: 0

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