651 Norwegian Pearl Tips


Aug 29, 2021

Book the amazing excursions!


Apr 27, 2020

Relax and enjoy yourself. Take advantage of everything you can from alone time to whiskey tastings.


Apr 26, 2020

Understand the food options ahead of time.


Mar 21, 2020

Have an open mind and don't ever get on a ship with a preconceived notice of how the cruise should go


Mar 15, 2020

Ask lots of questions, they are not as forthcoming with “gotcha up charges”.


Mar 14, 2020

Get to know the ship as soon as you can if you can even do that. If you want to get in the pool or the hot tub’s you better get out there by 7:30 in the morning. The Italian restaurant is out of this world and I also did enjoy Cagney’s steak that was phenomenal. The ports of call were great. And check out the bartenders at the Java Café they’re great.


Mar 13, 2020

Schedule port destinations in advance for each visited port to avoid disappointment.


Mar 11, 2020

Enjoy each day as it comes because no two will be the same.


Mar 03, 2020

Try everything you can fit in your mouth. It is all delicious!


Feb 29, 2020

Get a good cabin and do not eat at buffet. Also consider a different cruise line because of long waits to embark and disembark


Feb 08, 2020

Go for the islands not the ship


Jan 31, 2020

Study the map of the ship before you board. Not all areas can be reached from every floor. You can save yourself some aggravation with a little study time.


Jan 20, 2020

Make restaurant reservations early.


Jan 20, 2020

Bring extra money... expect to be up charged... ex: $125 for 100 minutes of internet service????


Jan 19, 2020

Be prepared to wait in line for drinks everywhere! Get two at a time. Pool chairs go quick, very quick.

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