La Cucina on the Waterfront on Norwegian Getaway

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Enjoy the flavors of the Tuscan countryside al fresco alongside the sea, or indoors at tables with room for old friends and new. Dine on classic dishes where you can taste the freshness of every tomato used to make an exquisitely delicious sauce. Try a twist on a classic like lobster fettuccine, or keep it purist with a osso bucco. Just when you think you’re out, they’ll pull you back in with a toasty espresso and some macadamia nut ice cream. Delizioso!

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by Ba6si

Our dinner at La Cucina was a nice experience, but still not quite up to par. Would we visit again? Possibly.

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This was one of the restaurants that catered Italian food both inside and outside of the Waterfront. My group ate on the Waterfront and it was refreshing and very pleasant. The food was good, service on par, and was worth the money.

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