Plenty of thrilling casino games for every type of player. Whether you’re a beginner or regular at the poker table, there’s something for you inside Norwegian’s largest casino to date. Find your lucky seat at one of our many slot machines. Or play in the big leagues with any number of table games. No matter what you prefer, there’s always a way for you to get lucky.

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by Asencio

Totally sucks! I felt like I was just giving my money away. It would have been the same as if I would have just reached into my pocket and handed over my money. Seriously, I'm not expecting to win but would like to be entertained while playing slots and card games.

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by LandlockedinAR

We had a blast at the casino!!! a few of us actually walked away with some money!! The reel machines were not as fun /the interactive ones are the ones we all love but a great selection, not too smoky either!! only complaint was nobody ever brought drinks around! But with the excellent selection of bars around no need: we just went over and got our own drinks!! Fun!!

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