The Oasis Pool on Norwegian Dawn

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C’mon by for a swim and an ice cream or a cocktail. The Oasis Pool is flanked by Topsiders Poolside Bar, Sprinkles Ice Cream Bar, plenty of deck space, hot tubs, and more.

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by rickrocks65

The one true disappointment for me, the pool is small the hot tubs are usually overflowing with kids

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by ArielleWiater

It could be an awesome pool, if they ever let people in it. It was closed so much that when they did open it, it was standing room only. Forget about trying to get a lounge chair in the pool, because people just leave their towels on them and hold them all day. It really wasn't fair that there wasn't a time limit or something so everybody can get a chance. We do not even get to enter the pool, that is why I am rating it so poorly. some of the times when it was supposed to be open, there was literally a net over it cautioned tape on the ladder, the funniest was when I saw the entire pool empty LOL!

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