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You'll find a well-stocked selection of best selling novels, travel books and other periodicals.

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by wedezrvthis

Small. We went there for quiet. Unfortunately in this supposed "library" which we always take to mean quiet, it was anything but. Older folks getting drunk--and of course loud--while they're playing a game, younger kids carrying on...just before we left, they all left; we were just too tired to go back inside and try to sit in peace, since the entire ship wherever you went was loud.

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by alm4hope

Nice, but ridiculously UNSTAFFED & INaccessible books (locked glass doors on shelves)--preventing us from USING/reading the great selections stocked in there!

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by evagoblog

Although a vast improvement over the "Away" ship which had a few paperbacks in the Malting bar, they seem to have a decent amount of books but the major flaw is that the books are only accessible two hours a day unlike many other cruise ships who have a honor system and the day I was in the library at the allotted time and it was still closed, a woman told me that no one showed up at the other time, fortunately a worker came by and I told him that they needed to open it up and he came back with the key. Carnival to it's credit has more staff for longer library hours by using their underused dancers (who seem to resent it-LOL) What's also frustrating was that there was a shelf with old magazines and paperbacks that people left behind and THAT was locked up.

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