110 Nieuw Statendam Tips


Dec 04, 2019

Large groups in the pinnacle grill need reservations first day. They fill up fast and can not make changes if you need to add additional members to your party. Only restaurant we were disappointed in because of this.


Dec 07, 2019

The service is prime and the food was gourmet.


Dec 08, 2019

Expect to find deals on jewelry, but not much else. Not a ton of variety in terms of entertainment.


Dec 10, 2019

Explore the artwork all over the ship! During my 14 days I was amazed at seeing something different and beautiful each and every day!


Dec 10, 2019

Do not expect late night party on pool deck


Dec 15, 2019

Come ready to have the most relaxing vacation you’ve ever had


Dec 25, 2019

Choose your ports wisely as there is few interesting activities on board.


Jan 08, 2020

Main Dining is fine...don’t need the up charge for specialty dining...the Sushi is very nice and is a la carte pricing


Jan 09, 2020

wait until the crew has more experience


Jan 11, 2020

The dining was very long, almost 2 hours some nights. The ship layout is excellent! Loved their Dutch Cafe!


Feb 03, 2020

The ship is targeted towards the 55+ crowd.


Jan 19, 2020

Disclose any addition costs when booking dinner. This should be made clear.


Feb 05, 2020

Try to experience all the music and entertainment venues on the ship. Each one has something to offer. The Center Stage is classical which is not our favorite but drop in, sit down and listen. You will find it very relaxing and enjoyable.


Jan 22, 2020

If a balcony room, then start at deck 5. Deck 4 has tenders that will obstruct view.


Jan 26, 2020

Do your homework. This is a very competitive business.


Feb 06, 2020

Enjoy yourself. Lots to do. Internet package was difficult to use having to switch between devices

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