110 Nieuw Statendam Tips


Sep 24, 2019

Ask your travel agent if any large tour groups have booked on. We had the displeasure of being invaded by a group of 800. Their comped specialty dining and drinks package distracted from our experience.


Oct 31, 2019

It was our longest cruise to date, so we didn’t have a lot of experience. It was our first time in Europe for leisure. It was our first time cruising with HAL and there was a lot we didn’t know. The best advice I could give would be to download the Navigator app and read your daily ship’s bulletins. Choose quality over quantity and be selective as to how you spend your time...make it count. Don’t feel like you have to be doing something all the time. Relax.


Nov 02, 2019

Don’t worry too much about excursions. It was our first cruise and I was freaked out and overwhelmed. We didn’t end up booking anything through the ship as we could do it all on our own for a FRACTION of the price. We researched the port a day in advance, watched their exc presentations and booked a tour or shuttle once off the bus.


Nov 13, 2019

Do not expect shows in the theater that are extravaganzas.


Oct 04, 2019

Use the stairs as much as you can.


Oct 10, 2019

Be prepared for a much older crowd


Oct 10, 2019

Don't miss the opportunity to sail this ship.


Oct 11, 2019

Don’t expect entertainment to be like other cruise lines or you will be disappointed


Nov 13, 2019

Fantastic service and food throughout the entire ship! Huge and comfortable cabin!


Oct 13, 2019

Don’t look for a lot of entertainment and don’t look for water slides or rock climbing walls


Nov 20, 2019

If you are still young at heart think about another ship


Nov 21, 2019

Bring something to do if you like to keep busy.


Nov 24, 2019

Pass it by if you are an active, fun-seeking adult.


Nov 28, 2019

Don.t believe you receive promise credit!


Dec 30, 2019

If you are under 80 years of age don't go. There is nothing to do on the ship but foolishness. One of the activities was towel folding


Dec 24, 2019

Take a walk outside all around the ship on deck 3. Don't miss the Grand Dutch Cafe.

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