Enjoy freshly prepared Mediterranean and international cuisine in this elegant main restaurant. The restaurant has floor to ceiling glass windows around 180-degrees, offering stunning views out to sea

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by samuelbrunson

The panorama restraunt has friendly waiters and good food too. It wowed me that the waiters carried 10 plates at a time.

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by karenivelissecr

at dinner time the waiter was late with dinner and poor service. They moved us to Wave Restaurant and the Kusuma service was the best.

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by Itrvlfar

The menu selections and food quality could use a lot of improvement. The presentation of the food is more akin to a cafeteria than a nice restaurant. It was odd to see the decor namely lighting was interrogation strength in one area and another area would be plunged in darkness. Who ever designed the dining room didn’t consider how to make even lighting throughout the room so that it would create an ambiance. The service in the dining room was VERY good which is why I rated this a little higher overall. Our waiter Zeri was fantastic...very personable and attentive and certainly made up for the short comings in other areas. Overall food would be 3 stars but the service was great, so giving this a 4 star overall.

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