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Cyber Cafe

The internet has become part of daily life for many and especially during one of our longer cruise holidays the internet is vital to keep in touch with friends and family, or sim... ply to make everyone back home envious with all your stories from your trip. In our well-equipped internet room it is possible to stay in touch with those back home and keep up to date with news and sporting events. more

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Le Gocce Reception

3.5 out of 5 (2 Reviews)

Questions and doubts? The skilled staff will help you to deal with all the nuances!

2 Reviews

2 out of 5

by PLeex2 on December 09, 2018

Basic. However the staff were not open to giving you any input about ports unless it included one of their excursions.
5 out of 5

by japh1983 on May 29, 2018

Nice area

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Meeting Room

The Meeting Rooms can accommodate large and small business groups for presentations and conferences.

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Sliding Sun Roof

5 out of 5 (1 Review)

1 Review

5 out of 5

by PLeex2 on December 09, 2018

Great idea, it was much warmer during our colder days. Was very loud with all of the kids. Check your package because gelato might be free.

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Tour Office

2 out of 5 (1 Review)

Book your trip here before you get to port. Don't wait until your tour sells out.

1 Review

2 out of 5

by PLeex2 on December 09, 2018

Not a fan, but there were doing their jobs to sell excursions rather than share options on your own. Do your homework before you board. Hop On and Off buses seem to work the best for us. They were... offered at all ports. Read More

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