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Stylish steakhouse featuring superb prime cuts along with a variety of other delicious dishes, all accompanied by a international range of wines, beers and cocktails.

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by GeorgiaBoy

Steaks were great. Skip the bone marrow appetizer. Yikes!

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by CherryEggs

The service was wonderful and beyond reproach, but I had a really unfortunate experience with the steak I ordered here, and an equally lacklustre dessert. For some reason, the chef's really couldn't nail how to cook a medium rare steak: befuddling, considering this is definitely the most expensive premium restaurant on board. First, cooked to medium -- then, done to "so rare that it might as well be not seared at all", by the second time sending back and getting it right, I'd lost my taste for it. I would've been more willing to even put up with the overcooking of the first, if it weren't for the €33 price tag. The molten cake for dessert was also so cool and definitely not molten that it might as well have been pudding with lukewarm sponge cake. I absolutely had better desserts in the main dining room and the buffet, which was befuddling. At the time of the bill, it was presented in full, which didn't leave me very happy, and after protesting they gave a 15% discount on the food. With gratuity still in, though, it only resulted in about €10 off the bill. I still wasn't happy with this result, but it was the most they'd offer. I would have been delighted to pay the full gratuity of what we actually offered, but I don't feel the quality of the food is reflected in the steep price point of Butcher's Cut. Unfortunately I can't recommend based off my experience, especially with better and less expensive premium options on board.

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